Fundraising 2020-21

Fundraising Coordinator: Renée Pottle

[email protected]  or 250-600-6648 


Fundraising FAQ’s

  1. What is a fundraising levy and where do I find information about what my levy is?

A levy is an amount due to PRASC based on the class level of your swimmer. Levy’s are not charged if you fundraise enough to cover your levy. If you fundraise over the amount of your current levy, the overage will carry forward to future levy’s.

Levy amounts are listed below and also listed on the team unify website

  • Mini Rapids         $117/$117/$117
  • Class 1                   $126/$125/$125
  • Class 1.5               $134/$134/$133
  • Class 2                   $163/$163/$163
  • Class 3                   $173/$173/$172
  • Class 4                   $183/$183/$183
  • Class 5                   $183/$183/$183
  • Class 6                   $194/$194/$193

This information is also available on the PRASC website

  1. Why do we have a fundraising levy?

Monies raised through fundraising helps PRASC keep their registration fees lower by contributing to the annual fees of the club such as pool fees, coaches wages, accounting, equipment, supplies, local meets and any other operating costs.


  1. Do I need to participate in every fundraiser? There are so many!

No. We offer various fundraisers to our members so that you can pick and chose which fundraisers you participate in. Not everyone enjoys selling items, physical labour, or cash raffles. We try and come up with several options in hopes it makes fundraising easier for our members. This allows members ample opportunity to achieve their levy.


  1. What other option do I have if I do not want to fundraise?

If you do not wish to participate in any fundraisers, you are able to payout your levy.


  1. How much will I earn with each fundraiser?

A dollar amount cannot be determined until we know the total revenue that was raised for the club per fundraiser. There is a calculation based off of that total. However, if you take the lead on a fundraiser, you automatically get a $50 levy credit as well as 2% of the net revenue for the club.


  1. What if I have an idea for a fundraiser?

We love new ideas. Contact the fundraising coordinator, Renee Pottle.



Fundraising Opportunities 2020-21


Bingo---- Trudy Dolan (completed)



Christmas Purdy’s – Kerry Crump (Oct 1-Nov 15)

Clara Clark Sheets – Lisa Pirillo (Oct 18-Nov 12)

Raffle tickets (cash prizes) – Renee Pottle (Oct 31-Dec 19)

Tiber River – Sharon Trim (Nov 1-30)

Sandbags – Renee or Kevin Pottle (Nov 7)

Centennial Foods – Amy Wakelin (Nov 15-Dec 10)

Dieleman Gourmet Gifts - TBA


Look forward to a swimathon, wine survivor and more in the new year!