LCAT Partners

Thank you for sponsoring the Las Cruces Aquatic Club. Your sponsorship will provide critical funds necessary to deliver high-quality swim programs to the Las Cruces Community. As a 501(c)3 corporation, your donation to the Las Cruces Aquatic Club is tax-deductible.

We offer the following sponsorship levels.

Sponsorship Cost Description

Level 1: Business Card


Your card in the Pecan Classic Swim meet program, on our team poster and displayed on our website. A copy of the team poster for display. 

Level 2: Half-Page


Half-page ad in the Pecan Classic Swim meet program, business card on team poster, a copy of poster and card displayed on our website

Level 3: Lane Sponsor


Same as level 2, but a full-page ad. Additionally, a 2’x 4’ banner with sponsor’s name prominently displayed during the meet.

Level 4: Honorary LCAT


Same as lane sponsor plus a plaque presented to the sponsor.

Level 5: Meritorious LCAT


Same as honorary plus public announcements made at the meet recognizing the sponsor.

Please select your sponsorship from the dropdown menu.

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Business Address