Greenfield Community Aquatic Team offers a FlexSwim Program for those not quite ready for the competitive swim program.  We look forward to having you join the Greenfield Community Aquatic Team and are excited to Unleash another Great season! 


Our session based schedule allows for a shorter commitment.   This program allows for the freedom to do multiple activities.  The parents will choose the number of days a week your swimmer attends class.   There are no monthly fees.   Your session cost is a per class fee x the number of days a week chosen x the number of weeks in the session.    Your level of commitment is your decision.     There will be a $50 registration fee per year.  The club year runs from September - August.


We offer 3 groups for the Flex Swim Program.  

  • Cougar Cubs 
    • Monday - Thursday 6:15 - 6:45 pm
    • Beginner level with no competitive swim experience.  Must be able to complete a 25-yard freestyle and 25-yard backstroke.
  • Pumas
    • Monday - Thursday 6:15 - 7:00 pm
    • Swimmers ages 9-12 with some swimming experience

GCAT does have minimum requirements for the Flex Swim program and for each group.   

A swimmer must be able to complete a 25-yard legal Freestyle and 25-yard legal Backstroke.


Not sure what a legal Freestyle and legal Backstroke look like.   Here are a few of the minimum requirements for each of the 2 strokes:

Freestyle -

  • Face must remain in the water during strokes until the breath.  
  • Breathing is done to the side without stopping your arm stroke or lifting the head.
  • Arms must recover over the water.  

Backstroke -  

  • Both arms must be straight and must recover over the water.  
  • Swimmer must be able to remain on their back for the entire length of the pool.   
  • Swimmer must be able to keep face above the surface of the water.



If you are new to the program, please schedule a swim test before you register. We want be sure your swimmer is placed in the correct group. Contact us to schedule a swim test


2021 Flex Swim Summer Session Dates:

Session 1 -  6 week session beginning Sept 7th - Oct 28th



Session 2 - 6 week session beginning Nov 1st - Dec 16th


Session 3 - 6 week session beginning Jan 3rd - Feb 25th (PLEASE NOTE: 6 weeks spread out over 8 weeks due to the number off nights off due to home high school meets.)



Each session will end with a GCAT Time Trial meet that all swimmers will be invited to participate.  


Warm-ups for the Time Trial will be from 6:00 - 6:30 and the meet will begin shortly after.  Meet should conclude by 8:00 pm.


Click this link to Register today