Team Details/Info

Gwinnett County Swim League Season runs mid-May thru June (possibly thru mid-July for those that advance to the County Championship)

Swim meets:  There are six swim meets on Thursday nights (3 home @ CE, 3 away) 

  • Swim Meets are run by parent workers. Each Swim Team family will be required to work shifts.  
  • Swimmers and parents arrive approx. 4:30 or 5:00 PM. Meets start at 6:00 PM and last approx 4 hours if there are no weather delays.  The younger swimmers do get finished earlier, bu 830-9. The GCSL recommends meets conclude by 11:00 PM. ​ Read Parent Guide on Home page. 

Who can join the swim team?  Our team is open to ALL 18 & under who can swim 25 yards across the pool. We have many veteran and new swimmers of all ages, who have never been on a team, to those who swim year round; our coaches do a great job making everyone feel welcomed. If you have a child age 3-6 who cannot swim 25 yards, or doesnt swim at all, we have a Mini Wahoo Program explained on another link.  

PRACTICE applies ONLY to swimmers on the Swim Team (not the Mini Wahoos/learn to swim)

  • For your swimmers safety, swimmers are placed in practice by age first and within that practice they placed in lanes by comparable experience.
  • A swimmer may be moved up or down to another practice time per the coaches based on experience and/or endurance for their safety and the safety of the other swimmers. 

Afternoons PRACTICES starting mid May until school is out, Monday thru Friday: 

  • 5-5:30 PM All 6 and under, and inexperienced 7-8 year olds
  • 5:30-6:30 PM Experienced 7&8, all 9&10, and inexperienced 11&12 year olds
  • 6:30-7:30 PM Experienced 11&12 year olds and all older swimmers

Mornings PRACTICES after school is out until end of June. Monday thru Thursday mornings: 

  • Morning practice begins on May 24 in reverse age order. 
  • 8-9 AM Experienced 11&12 year olds and all older swimmers
  • 9-10  AM  Experienced 7&8, all 9&10, and inexperienced 11&12 year olds
  • 10-10:30 AM. All 6 and under, and inexperienced 7-8 year olds

​Fun Friday  The morning after each meet the swimmers can get their ribbons, and enjoy a provided treat. Older swimmers enjoy Water Polo at 8:00AM (11 and up)  9-10:00 AM 10 and unders enjoy Ribbon Presentation and Water Polo.  It is always held the DAY after the MEETS.  If a Thursday meet is rescheduled for a Monday due to weather, we would have normal practice Fri and Mon mornings; our Fun Day would be Tuesday.

The GCSL Championship meet Held at GA Tech, qualifiers can swim in the GCSL County Championship Meet after the Dual Meet season is over late June. The date is mid July 14&15. 

  • This is a huge event!  They will practice in the mornings end June thru start of county. 
  • Track your swimmer's progress as GCSL posts the top 50, 75 and 100 during the season. 
  • There are 5 heats of 10 at county, so the Top 50 automatically qualify.  Then, as swimmers cant attend, or qualify in numerous events, the top 75 could qualify, and sometimes even the top 100 get to swim in the meet!
  • Coaches enter the top 100 and GCSL lets us know who gets in. 
  • July 8th AM ages 9&10, PM ages 13-18. July 9th AM aes 8&unders, PM ages 11&12

Team Suits  The suit vendor will be at on-site registration, or the suit can be ordered right off the Swim Shop on the website if you know their size in TYR.  Swimmers can also wear a plain black suit or an older CE black suit.  Mini Wahoos are not required to have a team suit. 

Are there size limits on the age groups?    YES.  We cannot hold spots. Email waivers and copies of BC if you want to register.  

Weather A meet will not be called off prior to the start and if there is no lightening a meet can be held.  If there is lightening present, there will be a delay(s); the Meet Operations Committee from both teams decide whether to postpone a meet due to weather. Our make up day for a Home Meet is MONDAY. If we have an away meet make up, THAT team selects the make up day.

Caps  Swimmers must wear the 2015 team cap at meets.  A 2015 latex team cap is included in your registration.  A silicone team cap will also be available for purchase.

Do all swimmers get a trophy?  Select on the registration form if your swimmer would like a trophy, whether they are a Mini Wahoo or swim team member.

Is there a Team photo? Yes, date posted later.

Where are practices held? CE Pool Physical address is 1965  Sports Club Drive, Braselton, GA 30517.  Non-CE residents need to enter  at the Hwy 211 open gate.

I have a problem or question:   Email