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Hello Dallastown High School Swimming and Diving Team Families!

We need you! Our swimmers are the most dedicated group of student athletes and will be rising early in the morning to start their days in the pool! They get up on cold and snowy mornings (in the dark) and arrive about 90 minutes before classes begin to work out. The booster club supports their incredible commitment and we ask for family and parents to join in support by offering a nourishing breakfast buffet to start their school day. You can share in this support by donating food items and/or volunteering to prepare and serve breakfast to our swimmers on these mornings. Please take the time to scroll - we have 11 weeks of morning breakfast club!

Athletes will be asked to pay $1 to enjoy a selection of cereals, bakery and granola items, fruits and yogurts, coffee and juices and a hot food item. (No athlete will be turned away). They really are so grateful and they look forward to sitting together for breakfast each day. Everything will be in the concession stand each morning except for the hot food item. Many parents choose to bring egg casseroles, French toast casseroles or breakfast sandwiches; others enjoy making waffles or pancakes, bacon and sausages. Your reward is to start your day knowing you made the days of our fabulous swimmers AND you will see big smiles and  hear heartfelt thank you's! If you are nervous to feed a team of hungry teenagers, don't fret! A lot of us have done this before and we can walk you through it. Contact Lisa O'Rourke and/or Karen Rinehart; text Lisa at 717.881.9600 and Karen at 717.309.2200.