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About Hero ~

Hero was founded by myself and my wife in 2015 and is based in San Jose. 

Our mission is to develop products to meet the unique nutritional needs of athletes aged 6-14. This age group has very different nutritional needs than adults and the adult bars (Clif Bar, PowerBar, etc) available at concession stands and grocery stores aren't ideal for kids, to say the least (too much sugar, funky ingredients, etc).  

Our flagship line of nutrition bars are designed specifically for young athletes for three reasons: 

1. The nutritional content is ideal for athletes aged 6-14. We worked with sports nutritionists to develop a formula that contained the nutritional content ideal for young athletes- 10g Protein for muscle building, 7g Fiber to stay satisfied longer, and only 8g sugar to avoid energy crashes. 

2. We use simple, all natural ingredients. It is important to us that parents recognize and are comfortable with every ingredient we use. Our guiding principle was that if it can't be found in the grocery store, we don't use it. 

3. Delicious Flavors for Picky eaters. Kids can be picky and we knew that they needed to not just tolerate eating these bars, but love eating them!  We spent a long time perfecting the taste using whole food ingredients. 

Our bars are especially popular with parents of swimmers as they provide a perfectly balanced snack after practice, between competitions, or anytime athletes need convenient, quality fuel. 

Reid Pearson
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