NMS Clubs

New Mexico Swimming Member Clubs

Artesia Aquatic Club
Club Code: AAC
Coach/Team Rep: Andrea Ciro  [email protected]
Coach/Team Rep Phone:575-317-5417

ABQ Dolphins Swim Team
Club Code: ABQ
Coach/Team Rep: Fujie Xia  [email protected]
Coach/Team Rep Phone: (H) 505-299-1638 (C) 505-239-7017

Aqua Shocks of Alamogordo
Club Code: ASA
Coach: Lenny Miller  [email protected]
Team Rep: Lenny Miller  [email protected]
Team Rep Phone: (H)575-434-1184 (C) 575-415-7773

Beast Aquatics - Albuquerque Chapter 
Club Code: BST
Coach: Ashley Burns  [email protected]
Team Contact: Brandi Nolen
Team Contact Phone: 210-454-9020

Beast Aquatics – Belen Chapter
Club Code: BST
Coach: Marissa Candelaria  [email protected] 
Team Rep: TBA
Team Rep Phone: TBA

Beast Aquatics - Santa Fe Chapter
Club Code: BST
Coach: Tomas Duran  [email protected]
Team Rep Email/Phone: [email protected] / (505) 577-8732

Caprock Swimming 
Club Code: CAP
Coach: Jan Olesinski  
[email protected]
Team Contact: Catherine Staeden  [email protected]
Team Contact Phone: H: 575-622-1067, C: 575-840-8530

Cavern City Swim Club
Club Code: CCSC
Coach: Kerry Smith  [email protected]
Team Rep: Laura Dhenin  [email protected]
Team Rep Phone: 575-302-8407

Charger Aquatics - Albuquerque Branch
Club Code: CAQ
Coach/Team Rep: John Butcher  [email protected]
Coach/Team Rep: Phone: 505-828-3341

Charger Aquatics - Santa Fe Branch 
Club Code: CAQ
Coach: Lee Taylor  [email protected]
Coach Phone: 505-699-9504
Team Rep: Mary Jane Parks  [email protected]
Team Rep Phone: 626-253-1981

Duke City Barracuda - WMAC Branch
Club Code: CUDA
Coach/Team Rep: Daryl Wells [email protected]
Coach/Team Rep Phone: 505 504-5545

Duke City Barracuda - Highland Branch
Club Code: CUDA
Coach: Hess Yntema  [email protected]
Team Contact: Hess Yntema  [email protected]
Team Contact Phone: (H)505-843-9565, W: 505-249-7725

Four Corners Aquatic Team
Club Code: FCAT
Coach: Mike McCluhan  [email protected]
Coach Phone: 505-960-9741
Team Rep: Anna Talcott  [email protected]
Team Rep Phone: 505-860-2776

Las Cruces Aquatic Team
Club Code: LCAT
Coach/Team Rep: David Maker
Coach Email/Phone: [email protected] / 907-727-7449

Lobo Aquatic Club
Club Code: LOBO 
Team Rep: TBA   
Team Rep Phone: TBA

Mako Aquatics Club 
Club Code:
Coach/Team Rep: Jeremiah Stanton  [email protected]
Coach/Team Rep Phone: 505-463-9339

Los Alamos Aquatomics
Club Code: LAA
Coach: Mark Scott  [email protected]
Coach Phone: 707-499-7649
Team Rep: Mark Scott  [email protected]
Team Rep Phone: 707-499-7649 

Mountain Club
Club Code: MC
Coach/Team Rep: Anna Zhang  [email protected]
Coach/Team Rep. Phone: (H)505-662-1900

Taos Swim Club 
Club Code: TAOS
Coach: Greta Brown
Coach Phone:575-779-3648
Team Rep: Jennifer Martinez  [email protected]
Team Rep Phone: 757-779-7330

Roadrunners of Albuquerque Aquatic Club
Club Code: RAAC
Coach: Matt Benedict

Email/Phone: [email protected] / 505-259-2355

Ruidoso High Altitude Aquatics
Club Code RHAA
Coach:Deborah Brooks  [email protected]
Team Rep. Deborah Brooks-Salcido  [email protected]
Team Rep. Phone H: 575-336-2482, C:575-937-3527

Silver City Swordfish Aquatic Team (Seasonal Team)
Club Code: SCAT
Coach: Randi White  
[email protected]
Coach Phone: 575-956-3305

Santa Fe Seals
Club Code: SFS
Coach: Vivian Gundzik  [email protected]
Coach Phone:  505-577-2890
Team Rep: Vivian Gundzik
Team Rep Phone: 505-577-2890

Tsunami Swim Team
Club Code: TSU
Coach: Amanda Byers
Coach Phone: 575-391-6925
Team Rep: Amanda Byers
Team Rep Phone: 575-263-4135

Wild West Aquatic Club
Club Code: WILD
Coach: Luke Egnaczak  [email protected]
Team Rep: Luke Egnaczak  [email protected]
Team Rep Phone: 575-644-7629