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Emailed: 01/17/18:

Alpine January Update

Hello Everyone!

Well, we are thick in it now. Beaver Creek and Purgatory were well attended and our young athletes represented themselves admirably.  Our U16-19's have been traveling and continue to do so. We have a short break from racing for our age class group. So, we will take advantage of this time for some training. The next two weeks will be a Slalom Block of training. Please see training schedule on TSSC Calender. We are offering optional SL training Monday morning from 9:30-12 for U12-19's.

It is very important that skis are tuned, sharpened and waxed for training. Gate training with dull edges is a waste of time and non-productive for ski racers.

Coaching Assignments

We have made a coaching assignment change. Ian will now be the lead coach for the second year U12 group and Casey will be the lead coach for U14's. Having said that our coaching staff works in unison with all groups. Usually, U12's and U14's will be training together.

Aspen Race

It is time to start the registration process for the Aspen race February 3, 4. Sign up on the TSSC website will be available next week. Registration is live on the USSA website. 

As always, contact me with any questions. LG 860-919-3072


Emailed 01/04/2018:

Beaver Creek Final Details

Here's what you need to know:

Please be at the "Powder 8" base lodge no later than 7:45. You will need to get athlete lift tickets. As of now the lift tickets/registration will take place just west of the BC Chophouse. However, the organizers often change venues at the last minute. If you come to "Powder 8", I will be there from 7:15 and will know where and what is going on.

 We will be heading outside to prepare to load the lift at 8:20 sharp. There is no waiting for late athletes. We will break into groups and load the lift for inspection. The first run for girls is at 9:45.

You must fill out the on-line waiver. Here is the link:

Here is the Fact Sheet:

Since we haven't had much gate training, we are approachiing this weekend as an extention of traiining. The key word for the weekend is "FUN". As in...let's have some fun and temper our expectations. As stated before, results at this age, have absolutely no relationship to where our athletes will end up at the ages of 15 to 18. 

Many parents like to follow the race on live-timing. Our good friend Dr. Jim Taylor has some thoughts on live timing. I'll call this article, "Put you phone in your pocket":

I'll see you all Saturday morning. Please call me with any questions: LG 860-919-3072

Emailed 01/03/2018:

Purgatory Speed and GS

It is time to register and sign up for the Purgatory Races. Here is the schdule:

Jan. 12 Speed Elements U12-19 (Mandatory to race SGS)

Jan. 13 SGS Race U12-19

Jan.14-15 GS Races U10-19

The registration is up on the USSA website. The sign up will be available on the TSSC website later this week. 

***We will not be participating in the "Flight School" or Duals Thursday Jan. 11.

Please contact me with any questions: LG 860-919-3072


Emailed 01/01/2018:

TSSC Alpine Mt Hood Summer Camp


We will be hosting a summer camp in Mt Hood in June. The on snow dates will be from June 11-19, 2018. We will be leaving Telluride in vans on June 9 and returning on June 20. Tentatively, the cost will be approximately $2000. This will include travel, accommodation, food (at camp), lift tickets, coaching and lane space. We plan on a minimum of 4 days of SL and 4 days of GS.

Other clubs that plan to join us include: Mt Washington Valley Ski Team, Pat's Peak, Purgatory and other Southern clubs. We are still in the planning stage, but have booked our lodge and have lane space booked as well. Attached are pictures of the lodge we will be staying in.

Those eligible to travel with the team and stay in the lodge are U14's (for the 2018-19 season) and older. Any U10-12 athlete who would like to attend must travel and stay with their family. Costs will be adjusted for not traveling and staying with the team. Airport pickup is also available.

To reserve a space in the van and lodge (space is limited) a deposit of $300 is due February 1, 2018. The balance will be due May 1, 2018.

Please call me with any questions: LG 860-919-3072

Emailed 12/25/2017

TSSC Alpine Telluride?Durango Training Schedule

Merry Christmas Day!

After much negotiating and reviewing logistics, we have put together a plan for training in Durango with lane space while continuing to train here. Whether you take advantage of the Durango training or are staying here, please read entire email.

Here is the schedule for training in Durango:

December 26 U14-19.

December 27 U12 (U10 request)

December 28 U14-19

December 29 U12 (U10 request)

December 30 U14-19 

Training will take place at Chapman Hill from 4-6 pm. The cost is $20 cash. Please arrive with cash. TSSC will also charge you $10 for coaches fees and logistics. You must sign and bring the waiver with you; find link below. You are responsible for travel. Please arrange travel with other parent. We will meet in the Chapman Hill Skate Center Parking lot at 3:30 each day. Please bring GS skis. You can also bring SL skis as we will have both a GS and SL course set up. However, for U16-19 the SL course will be set with Age Class SL gates. Ian will be at training with either Justin, Whitney or Casey. If you are training in Durango, there is no training in Telluride the same day. U-10's must request a space with me. I would like to point out that the rope tow may be daunting for some of younger athletes.  Space is limited so, you must reserve asap. Please let me know if you would like a spot and for what day.

Waiver Link:

Here is the training schedule for Telluride through Saturday:

December 26 OFF

December 27 9:30-11:30 U-12, 12:00-2:00 U14-19, 1:00-3:00U-10

Decmber 28 12:00-2:00 U14-19, 1:00-3:00 U10-12

Decmber 29 9:30-11:00 U-12, 12:00-2:00 U14-19, 1:00-3:00 U-10

Decmber 30 12:00-2:00 U14-19, 1:00-3:00 U-10-12

December 31 Off, January 1 Off.

I will work on updating our Alpine Calender tomorrow.

Let the individual requests begin!

Please contact me with questions via text of email. LG 860-919-3072

Emailed 12/26/2017

Alpine Beaver Creek Races Jan 6,7

Happy Boxing Day Everyone!

So, it's time to register and sign up for the races at Beaver Creek. The first thing you need to do is register for the races on the USSA  website. Registration infromation is found in the Alpine Parent Handbook. Anne-Britt will be sending out sign information. The sign up will be on the TSSC website. Essentially, the sign up lets us know who is coming to the race and you will pay for coaches' expenses during sign up.

Here is the prelimiary race information:

Where: Beaver Creek

What: 4 xGS

Who: U10-14

Coaches: LG, Justin, Ian, Casey, Kulani, Whitney

Cost: Coaches Fee $90.

Lift Tickets: Athlete $50/Parent $90

A more detailed email about race weekend will be sent on January 3. Read the Alpine Parent Handbook!

Here is the Fact Sheet Link:

***A tuning clinic for parents will be held at the clubhouse Saturday Jan, 30 at 5 PM. More info to follow.

Emailed 12/21/2017:  

TSSC Alpine Holiday Schedule

Hello Everyone,

We have been in close conversations with the ski area regarding training entering the Holiday season. The ski area is unable to provide us with any lane space for gate/drill training for the time being. They have looked closely at the projected visiting guest numbers and the acreage that is open. It is a safety issue not to offer lane space until more trails are open. We want to thank Telski for the amazing job they have done in getting the trails open in this historically dry November/December. We will stay in communication with Telski and will decide with them when it is appropriate to offer lane space.

Until then we will continue to take the opportunity to work on on skills based program working on fundamentals. We will also continue staggering our groups, as we have done the last two weekends. Here is  the group schedule:

9:3-11:30   U-12

12:00-2:00 U14-19

1:00-3:00   U-10

I will update the calender this afternoon through January 7, 2018. Obviously, this schedule is likely to change as more terrain opens. You will receive emails throughout the Holiday period and you can find those emails on the Alpine Page on the Parent News tab.

On a personal note, I am battling the flu and am unable to communicate via phone. If you have any questions, please text me or email. LG 860-919-3072

Emailed 12/01/2017:  

Alpine Information Race Schedules, Parent Handbook, Curriculum

Hello Everyone!

As we begin the new season there are always many alpine questions, especially with new member parents. To prepare for our new parent meeting next Tuesday, I have attached some vital information. Attached information includes; Race Schedules broken down by age class, the parent handbook and the Alpine Curriculum Outline. Please print and review this information. 

This year with Alpine and Gravity Alpine we have over 70 members, so it is important that everyone knows what, where, how and when. Hopefully, we can provide you with the info and tools to understand how everything works. I will continue to send information (including; on-line calender training schedule, tuning program info, coaches bios, travel sign up procedures and other necessary information) to guide you through the ski season. You may well  receive a weekly email to update things that may change for unseen reasons.

We have had some questions about the January Purgatory Race Schedule. Here it is;

January 12 Mandatory SGS Training - U12-19

January 13 SGS Race - U12-19

January 14 GS Race - U10-19

January 15 GS Race - U10-19

If you have any Alpine related questions please call me. If you have any, dues or overall questions, please call Anne-Britt. If you would like to donate to the club or have any non-alpine policy questions, please call Justin.

You will receive an email next Thursday regarding logistics for our first day on snow Dec. 9.


Emailed 11/29/2017:

New Parent Meeting and Ski This Weekend

Hello Everybody,

We are changing the date for the Parent Meeting from next Wednesday to Tuesday, December 5 to avoid conflict with Noel Night. The meeting is at 6:00 PM at the clubhouse. The meeting should last about 30 minutes.

We are skiing this Saturday at Purgatory. Please sign up on line by Friday at noon. The cost is $50 for the day. Coaches attending the one day camp will be decided once we know which athletes are coming. This camp is only open to returning members.

Please be in the main lodge by 9:00 am.

Call me with any questions. LG 860-919-3072