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Join Stingrays!


Interested in joining the West Bend Swim Club Stingrays?


Step 1: Swim Evaluation

Contact us for a swim evaluation.  Each swimmer must be able to complete at least 1 length (25 meters) of freestyle and/or backstroke, without stopping.  Strokes do not have to be perfect as we teach all the fundamentals.  We may also evaluate any other stroke you may know.  You do not need to be able to do all of the strokes but by seeing everything it will give us a better idea for group placement.  All swimming evaluations are done at the West Bend High School pool.   E-mail Head Coach Elisa Spaeth at [email protected] to set up a time.  Swimming evaluations are year round.

After the evaluation you will receive a sheet that states which group your child will be in.  You need to make sure to have all proper equipment no later than the 3rd week of practice.  (New swimmers equipment: goggles, swim cap and fins)  Equipment can be found under the swim group tab or by following this link. (Required Equipment)  

Step 2: Review Practice Schedules and Group Fees

Group specific schedules can be found on the Sessions Tab along the top of our website home page using the drop down menu for Schedules. Each session the schedule may alter slightly because we do share the pool with other organizations (Girls and Boys HS Swim, Synchronized Swimming, Rec Department).

Stingrays - 3 practices/wk
Bronze - 3 practices/wk
Silver - 4 practices/wk
Elite - 5 practices/wk
Junior - 5 practices/wk
Senior - 5 practices/wk

Fit Groups - 3  practices/wk

Session fees are also found under the Sessions tab.   We have programs and pricing options for families that qualify for the school lunch program as well as swimmers who are in the 8th grade or older looking to stay in shape.  If you have any questions regarding the fee's please contact us by clicking here!  

Step 3: Register your Swimmer!

All registration occurs online, you can follow this link or click on "Register Here" on the home page.  If the link is open please follow all the necessary steps and make sure to click all appropriate boxes.  Questions regarding the registration process can be directed to our registrar Heather Rank at [email protected]  When registering make sure you are selecting the proper group and USA insurance.  The mandatory uniform will be billed out separately.  All questions regarding swim groups and/or practice times should be directed with Coach Elisa at [email protected]

Step 4: Team Uniform and Equipment

The team uniform is required for all WBSC team members, this uniform must be worn at all swim meets unless told otherwise by Head Coach Elisa Spaeth.  Swimmers will order a team suit and eam cap with their last name on it.

Optional items like team warm ups and and pullovers can be ordered off our team website.  This is also where you can find the required team equipment.