Swim-a-Thon is a fundraiser in which our swim team members set goals and swim as many lengths of the pool as they can (not to exceed 200) to earn pledges and donations to support and promote the Water Sharks swim team and help fund the activities of the Water Sharks swim team advisory group. This is the ONLY major fundraiser that Shiver will conduct to provide funding for the activities and items that Shiver provides to swim team, including:  

  • Officials training (fees paid by Shiver)  
  • Goodie bags for swimmers for sectional, state and regional meets, team dinners for state and regional meets  
  • Year-end banquet, including supplies and awards  
  • Other swim team needs as they come up 

In the past, the parent group (now Shiver) has sold candles, co-hosted sectionals or collected a $30 fee in lieu of fundraising. Swim-a-Thon will be the only fundraiser that you will be requested to participate in, and Shiver hopes to achieve 100% swimmer participation. 


Parents and family members are asked to work with their swimmers to help them set and achieve their Swim-a-Thon goals. There will be an individual goal of $20 that we are asking each of our swimmers to achieve. 


This year, swimmers will participate in a Swim-a-Thon after their last day of regular season practice– and we hope to achieve the following goals:  

  • Boost team spirit and increase community awareness of the Water Sharks swim team  
  • Involve family members and friends with swim team by asking them to attend the event and act as length counters, giving them an opportunity to see first-hand their swimmer’s progress during the season.  
  • Create a fun, social and successful fundraiser that swimmers and their friends and families will look forward to participating in.

Please contact Terra Huber with any questions you may have about Swim-a-Thon. Thanks for your help with and participation in this event! 




What are the dates/times of Swim-a-Thon? 

January 23 – February 13: Promote Swim-a-Thon, ask for donations, sign-up for your time slot and find a lap counter 


Monday, February 14 4-8pm 

Tuesday, February 15 4-8pm 

Thursday, February 17 4-8pm

**Turn in all donations by Friday, February 25th.


If your swimmer cannot attend one of the dates of the Swim-a-Thon above, please contact a Shiver member and we’ll find a time for your swimmer to achieve their goals. 

Am I required to participate? 

All swimmers can participate in Swim-a-Thon. Because every swimmer can participate, and because this is the only fundraiser that will be conducted by Shiver or the swim team, we encourage each swimmer to try and collect at least $20 in donations. This will be an opportunity for our swimmers to compete in a fun way with their peers as well as with other swim age-groups while helping to raise funds for the swim team. Swimmers are encouraged to cheer on their teammates during their time in the pool.

How do I sign up? 

Sign-up sheets will be posted on Team Unify. Swimmers will sign up for 30 minute time slots up to a total of 2 hours. No more than 2 consecutive time slots. 


What kind of donations or pledges do I ask for? 

Swimmers can collect flat contributions for their participation in Swim-a-Thon or they can ask for per-length pledges. Flat contributions can be collected at the time they are requested or after the event has been completed. Per length pledges and donation amounts will be collected and remitted after the swimmer has completed their participation in the Swim-a-Thon. 


How do donors pay for a donation/pledge? 

Cash donations are accepted, but checks are preferred. Please make checks payable to “Water Sharks Shiver.” 


How do I ask for donations or pledges? 

A Donation Form has been included in this packet. Please use this form to collect donations. Donation forms will be posted on the TeamUnify website under the Swim-aThon tab and you can print more as needed. 


Swimmers are encouraged to contact family members, neighbors, friends and other work or personal contacts to solicit pledges; please do not go door to door or ask strangers for donations. 


A sample letter to send to friends and family who you may not have a chance to ask in person is included in this packet. Feel free to print this letter and send it to these individuals or email it to them. Do what works best for your family. 


When are donations due? Where do I turn them in? 

Donations can be turned in at any time – please turn them in at the front desk of the Y.


The Swim-a-Thon will close and all donations and pledges must be turned in by Friday, February 25th . 


Are donations tax deductible? 

This event will be held in conjunction with USA Swimming, and 5% of the amount the funds raised by our Swim-a-Thon will be returned to USA Swimming for assistance in running this event. The remaining 95% of funds will be retained by Shiver for their support of the swim team. Both USA Swimming and the Water Sharks Shiver (as a part of the YMCA of Washington Co) are qualified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. Please consult your tax provider for more information. 


Several donation receipts have been included in your packet. Please fill these out and provide them to your donors to provide documentation of their contribution. Extra donation receipt forms will be posted under the Swim-a-Thon tab on the team unify website. 


How many lengths (NOT laps)? 

Because this event is being held in conjunction with USA swimming, USA swimming length goals will be used to help swimmers set and achieve their own personal goals. Swimmers are encouraged to swim as many lengths as they are comfortable swimming; not everyone can or will want to achieve the USA swimming goals. Encourage your swimmers to do their best. USA Swimming has set 100 and 200 length goals for swimmers. Swimmers achieving these goals will earn extra USA Swimming bag tags for their swim bags. Swimmers who participate and turn in at least one donation will receive a water bottle. 


How do I count my lengths? 

Each swimmer will be responsible for finding an adult (or high school age family member or friend) who will be responsible for counting swimmer’s lengths. This is a great opportunity to invite a special person to experience Swim-a-Thon with you. Your counter volunteer will be provided with a water bottle and pennies to count your lengths. Each penny will represent one length. Once the swimmer’s time is up, the swimmer and their adult volunteer will count the number of pennies in their cup and turn in their final length count to a Swim-a-Thon volunteer. 


Are there prizes/awards?

Yes, there is an accruing prize structure. When a swimmer achieves each of the levels of donations earned they will be awarded a prize. With a grand prize given to the top earner. 



Swim-a-Thon is primarily an event focusing on swimmers and their accomplishments. However, Shiver will seek four lane sponsors for Swim-a-Thon to help defray the costs of the event. Your sponsorship will include a sign at the end of a swim lane (4 total) on the pool deck during the Swim-a-Thon and acknowledgement in social media and email communications during the course of Swim-a-Thon as well as recognition at the year-end swim team banquet. Each lane sponsorship will be $150. Please contact Terra Huber with questions about Swim-a-Thon sponsorship opportunities. 



Any questions? Contact Terra Huber.  Information will be available on the TeamUnify website under the Swim-a-Thon tab.