Here are links to spreadsheets that will help you track your swimmer's events and times for Champs and for interest.  Simply print it off and fill in the blanks.  Hang it up so they can see it.  

Put an X next to an event that is not planned to be swam.  This will help you track swims as well as motivate your swimmer to hit best times in the next 2 months.  Remember that swimmers may swim at multiple championships....JO's for an event and Silver Champs for others.  Or Silver Champs for some and Bronze for other.  This is not "All or Nothing" for a swimmer.

HINT:  Under "My Account", look into "My Account" - you will see "Members".  Click on the member and you will see tabs that include "Best Times" and "Meet Results".

On the attached spreadsheets, they are broken out by age and gender.  Please pay attention to the following:

  • All Swimmers ages 8 and Under are invited to Mini Champs.  Valid times are the only requirement.  Swimmers 8 and Under are not invited to Bronze Champs, but can qualify for Silver Champs.

For Swimmers 9 and over:

  • Bronze Champs needs to just have an existing time for the event to be eligible.  The time cannot be faster than the Silver Champs time.  If it is, the swimmer will swim it at Silver Champs.
  • For Silver Champs and Junior Olympics, the swimmer must have met the qualified times.  
  • Swimmers swim their ages on the day of the meet.  If your swimmer has a birthday between now and March, please pay special attention to the dates of the meets.
  • Swimmers may also make Silver Champs while swimming at Bronze Champs.
  • Junior Olympics need to be qualified for by February.  Triton will reward JO qualifiers with their JO Event jacket.  JO Meet fees will be paid for by Triton.

Here are the Sheets:

Sample Swim Sheet for 9-10 Girl

8&Under Girls

8&Under Boys

9-10 Girls

9-10 Boys

11-12 Girls

11-12 Boys

13-14 Girls

13-14 Boys

15&Over Girls

15&Over Boys