2018 Early Summer Swim Team at Lost Creek Country Club

Early Summer Swim Team (formerly "Head Start") lets new and returning members of the Lost Creek Cruzers summer swim team get started early on the summer season. This program is only for members of Lost Creek Country Club, and for swimmers who are currently registered with the Lost Creek Cruzers or for swimmers who are planning to swim with the Lost Creek Cruzers.

This is not a learn-to-swim program or a substitute for swim lessons. All Early Summer Swim Team participants will need to meet the minimum swimming eligibility requirements, which is to get in the water with a team, take instruction from the coach, put their face in the water, move their arms and kick to move forward, and float on their back. It is fine if they don't have legal strokes or need to rest for a few seconds by holding the lane line. However, they must be able to demonstrate the fundamentals of putting their face in the water, moving arms, kicking, etc.

REGISTRATION FOR EARLY SUMMER SWIM TEAM WILL OPEN ON MARCH 19 for Cruzers and on March 26 for new members. Swimmers who are registered with the Cruzers or who came to tryouts (March 5-9) will be given "priority" registration. Please read the following information first and then use the links at the bottom of this page to register.  

***If you missed the evaluations, we will do one last round of evaluations on Monday, April 9 and Tuesday, April 10 from 3:30-4:00 at the Lost Creek pool. 


  • Session 1: Mondays through Thursdays, April 2 to April 12 at Lost Creek Country Club
  • Session 2: Mondays through Thursdays, April 16 to April 26 at Lost Creek Country Club

To get the most out of this program, kids should come every day, but this is not a requirement. Swimmers may register for one or both sessions. 

Times: Minnows (beginners ages 5+) 4:30-5:00      ***See note below about 5 year olds

            Sharks (experienced summer league swimmers ages 7+)  4:00-4:30    

Group Descriptions:

Minnows: Swimmers are comfortable putting their face in the water and 'swimming' short distances without an aid or instructor (ie from wall to instructor). They will build the fundamentals of freestyle kick, arms, and rotary breathing; and backstroke body position, kick, and arms. Swimmers who are age 5 or younger as of May 1, 2018 must come for an evaluation before registering, to ensure that they meet our minimum swim requirements. Evaluations will be held Monday through Friday, 3:30-4:00, during the week prior to Spring Break (March 5-9). ***If you missed the evaluations, we will schedule an additional day during the week of April 2. Please check back for exact date and time. Thank you. 

Sharks Swimmers can swim freestyle and backstroke, understand the basic fundamentals of breaststroke and butterfly, and can swim the length of the pool without stopping. Sharks will focus on proficiency in freestyle and backstroke, advanced stroke work and drills, and the mechanics of breaststroke and butterfly. 

Cost: $100.00 per swimmer, per session (will be added to your LCCC member account)

Please note that this fee is not prorated, even if you are unable to participate for the entire session. Once registered, fees are not refundable for any reason or prorated for missed days. Once a group is fully enrolled, it will close automatically. There is no waitlist. 

Registration Links: Click a link to register using your existing Cruzers login. If you do not have a Cruzers account, you will be asked to create one.

If you have any questions about where to place your swimmer or need to register a swimmer who is not 6 years old as of May 1, 2018, please email Jessica Evans first by clicking HERE.