Swim Meet Info
No later than Monday evening, please declare your intention to swim in the meet on our website. If you have any specially circumstances like leaving early you can add a 'note' to your declaration so the coaches will know. This is very important as the coaching staff has to enter over 100 swimmers into their events each week. If an emergency occurs later in the week, please email the team but ALSO TELL A COACH IN PERSON.   
Please sign up for one shift of volunteering for each meet. Job sign-ups will be done online through our website.
Check your emails for times and location of each meet. From time to time those things can change and we don't want anyone to miss the meet or get lost!
Prepare your swimmer by telling them what events they are swimming before the meet starts. An email with events will go out on Friday. Then when you arrive Saturday morning, at the check-in table, will be a large sheet with pull tabs for each swimmer. This breakdown of events, with heat/lane assignments, will be your guide for the day.
Most kids swim 4 events at every meet- either 2 individuals & 2 relays or 3 individuals & 1 relay. The exception is for more novice swimmers who haven't learned all the strokes yet and if there are not enough swimmers to make multiple relays.


Plan ahead and pack the night before. And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE BE ON TIME!
As soon as you arrive, find the check in desk and let the volunteers know you are present. Both swimmers & parent volunteers need to check in. Warm-ups will take place in groups, usually according to age and/or training group. This will vary from meet to meet depending on the size of the pool. After warm-ups, we will conduct a team cheer. 
It is very important that all families watch the meet to help their swimmers know when their race is up. For 10 & unders, we have team shepherds who help get kids to the right lane. However, each swimmer's family is our FIRST line of defense. Please keep an eye on the meet and encourage your child to do so as well. 
Swimmers 11 & up do not have shepherds and thus are responsible for getting themselves to the blocks on their own and on time. Again, it is crucial that everyone watches the flow of the meet so that swimmers do not miss their races.
Finally, your swimmer needs to report to the pool deck about 2 events before their swim. For example, if your swimmer is an 11-12, they should be down behind the blocks when the 9-10 girls start swimming. It's also REALLY helpful if they know what stroke they are swimming, their heat/lane assignment and have their cap on.

All 10 & under swimmers will race 25 yards (one lap). They start at the opposite end of the pool from the timers and race toward the timers. The one exception to this is during relays (a 4 lap race in which 4 swimmers each race 1 lap). If the swimmer is the 1st or 3rd leg of the relay, they will be at the same end as the timers.
All 11 & up swimmers, race 50 or 100 yards and will always start and end on the same side of the pool as the timers.
The order of events is as follows:
Medley Relay
Individual Medley (only for 11 & up's)
Freestyle Relay
Within each stroke, we start with the 8 & unders and move through the age groups:
8 & unders
In just the freestyle & backstroke races, there is a separate event for 6 & unders.


Team suit, cap, goggles and a towel.
Clothes to fit all kinds of weather
Healthy snacks: fruit, string cheese, yogurt, granola/power bars
  ***Try to avoid chips, candy & other junk food during the meet
Lots of water
Chairs, easy-ups & tents are all fine. But please remember that viewing space can be limited and everyone wants to see their child race. Please be open to "gettin' cozy" and remember we are all one big happy DOLPHIN FAMILY!