Stroke Development

We offer 3 levels of Stroke Development


Beginning Stroke Development

Swimmers in Beginning Stroke Development work on endurance, water safety, stroke technique for freestyle and backstroke.

Equipment used: kick boards

Intermediate Stroke Development

Swimmers in Intermediate Stroke Development will focus on stroke technique for all four strokes, endurance, flip turns, dives, completing swim sets and how to read a pace clock.

Equipment used: kick board and fins


Advanced Stroke Development

Swimmers in Advanced Stroke Development will be introduced to Race Paced Training and continue to improve stroke technique.  This level is best for swimmers with experience and water sport athletes looking to improve endurance in the water.

This group is recommended for swimmers age 11 and over

Equipment used: kick board and fins



Stroke Development is offered at both Watsonville and Simpkins Pools

These swim groups are available year-round