No matter your age or swimming ability we have a practice group for you. Our system has developed athletes all the way from learning to blow bubbles to over thirty athletes earning Varsity positions on NCAA teams! You may be surprised at how diverse our group of swimmers really are: we have four year olds who are ready to compete in meets, and we have adults learning to swim so they can compete in their first triathlon! Give BERZERKER SWIMMING a try, and don't hesitate to email us through the "Contact Us" button on our website if you have any questions.

Please take the time to browse through our classes and practice groups below:

Little Viking Swim Lessons (learn-to-swim lessons, ages 4 to 12)

PREP (transition between learn-to-swim and competitive groups, ages 4 to 12)

Viking- Tristate summer league, winter introduction to competitieve swimming, out of season High School conditioning, flexible schedules. For ages 4-18.

Advanced Age Group (year-round USA Swimming competition for experienced younger swimmers.)

Elite Age Group transition group between Advanced Age Group and Senior; year-round USA Swimming competition for experienced swimmers.

SENIOR (year-round USA Swimming competition for experienced older swimmers)

ELITE (year-round intense training and competition for athletes who want to excel at the sectional and national level)

MASTERS (fitness and training for adults who want a group to swim with and coaches to help them along!)