Welcome to the Rudgear Meadows Swim Team !

RMST is one of over 60 recreational swim teams in Contra Costa County. We are a family-oriented, parent-supported, nonprofit organization with about 140 swimmers ranging in age from 4 to 18 from about 80 families. We typically have 10-12 swim meets each season, culminating in our season-ending Conference Meet in early-August.


RMST's emphasis is on striving to do our best. At RMST your children can be the swimmers they want to be: conference champions to first-year swimmers in any age group are equally welcome on our team. Our coaches expect our swimmers to come to practice and to give their best effort, and in turn all swimmers will get coaching attention so they can maximize their success. Our philosophy is that swimmers improve when they come to practice, and as they improve the team does better, so our coaches strive to make practice both effective and enjoyable. 

RMST is also known for its team traditions, including its active social calendar: from age-group parties to talent night, from the 15-18 raft trip to the Conference Week pasta feed, we have many opportunities for swimmers and their families to participate in team activities throughout the season. Many enduring friendships have started over a table at a pool social night or by sharing a shady spot at a swim meet! And while we encourage swimmers to participate in every meet during the season, particularly the Conference Meet, we also understand that swimming is can be just one of the activities your family does during the summer: we won't ask you to choose between your family vacation and swim team.


Families support RMST in two ways: paying fees and volunteering time. Each family must contribute time to help put on swim meets as well as to help manage the team. Meet jobs usually last about 3 hours and can range from timing races to serving food in the snack shack. Families typically need to do 6-8 meet jobs during the season (including jobs at the Conference and City Meets). In addition to meet jobs, we have team jobs (also called committee jobs), like organizing age-group parties or ordering swimmer awards or managing the pancake breakfast. Each family must do one committee job during the season, which usually requires 3-5 hours of work.

Like all other recreational swim teams, we need parents' time to be able to provide this rewarding experience for our children. While it can seem overwhelming if you haven't done it before, we think the work enhances the bonds you and your swimmers will feel for RMST, and it will hardly feel like work once you get started!


RMST is a nonprofit organization, so all money raised goes to meet the financial commitments of the team. In addition to our team fees, we raise money through the Snack Shack (open during meets), team auction, 15-18 bake sales and other fundraising activities. About 75% of our expenses goes to pay the salaries and associated taxes for the coaching staff. Other significant expenses are for meet entry fees for the Conference and City Meets as well as the team's insurance premium.

In short, RMST is a community of families, bound but not limited by the common experience of swimming. We enjoy each other's company as our children build friendships and gain confidence from succeeding and sometimes failing as they strive to be better swimmers in the context of a team. And we hope you'll join us!

We have much more information available at our FAQ section, and if you have specific questions you can e-mail us at