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Junior Coaches

Northbridge Bluefins Junior Coaches

So much we can say about these older swimmers that volunteer their time to aide our ages 5-9 year old swimmers during practices everyday as well as at our meets!  Our Junior Coaches are 13-16 years old and swim with our team as well as the Jr. Coaching jobs they've all given so much time and dedication to!  The Bluefins COULD NOT thrive without our older swimmers to help out.  They ARE rewarded with dinners on Fun Thursdays that we plan for them as well as some gifts that are presented during our Awards Banquet.  

We count on our older swimmers every season and can't wait for their return the following season.  We simply could not be the great team we are without their participation and dedication to their volunteer work with our little swimmers!

Please be sure to note during registration if your 13 or older swimmer is interested in Junior Coaching for our team this year and logging their volunteer hours! 

If your swimmer is age 12 1/2 but will be age 13 by September 1st then they are eligible to become a junior coach. Be sure to let one of the board members know though.