2018 HCY Spring Training
Hunterdon County YMCA
2018 HCY Spring Training

Dear HCY Swimmers & Families,

Attached here you will find the Team Handbook & Practice Schedule for the 2018 HCY Spring Training session which will run from Monday 4/9/18 – Saturday 6/16/18. Spring Training will have an increased focus on technique for all four strokes, the Individual Medley, starts and turns, as well as continued training that leads right into our summer session.

A Few Notes:

In order to prepare our Junior swimmers who are aging up to our Senior groups for the 2018-2019 YMCA Fall/Winter season – those who will be 13 years old as of 12/1/18 – we will be moving them up during the Spring. In a change from last spring, in order to better utilize our space and pool time, we will not be moving up our Little Stingray swimmers – those who will be 9 years old as of 12/1/18 – until the Fall/Winter session.

In a continued effort to offer our families a great amount of flexibility for the Spring Training session, we are once again offering a “Track 2” option for many of our groups. Track 2 swimmers will still enjoy many of the benefits of our “Track 1” swimmers, but with less practices per week and no weekend commitments. Track 2 swimmers will not be eligible to participate in any invitational meets during the Spring Training session.

The Dryland practice schedule provided is tentative and subject to change based on the availability of space at the Deer Path YMCA.

Because of an expected higher level of commitment for our swimmers in Junior 3 and Senior 2, there will be no track 2 option available for those groups.

The Junior 1 and Junior 2 practice groups will practice as one combined group this spring, but there will be opportunities for the swimmers to participate in training and skill development that are appropriate to each swimmers current level of ability.

Because many invitational meets in the spring (and summer) are USA Swimming sanctioned meets, all Track 1 swimmers, if not already registered, will have the option of joining USA Swimming. If you participated on the HCY Swim Team for the Fall/Winter 2017-2018 Season and were a member of any of the Junior & Senior groups, you are already registered for USA Swimming for 2018. The cost is $66, and registration is valid for the remainder of the 2018 calendar year.


Tryouts for the 2018 HCY Spring Training session will be on Tuesday 3/27 & Wednesday 3/28 at 5:30pm at the Deer Path YMCA. All swimmers attending the tryout must pre-register at the following website:


Tentative Spring Training Invitational Meet Schedule:

                OCY IM Extreme – Sunday 5/20 (Short Course)

                SVY Long Course Cup – Friday 6/8 – Sunday 6/10 (Long Course)

                BAC Friday Night at the Races #1 – Friday 6/15 (Long Course)

Immediately following this email, a new event will appear on our team website called “2018 HCY Spring Training”. Please commit, either yes or no, to this session by no later than Friday 3/2/18. If you intend on participating in the Track 2 option, please state that in the “Notes” section of the event commitment.

Once all of the commitments are finalized, the coaches will put together the training groups and email them out to the team. It is not possible for us to properly, and fairly, place your swimmers where they will best succeed until we have finalized all of the commitments.

Registration will be available at the front desk of the Deer Path YMCA immediately following the release of the training groups and is required by no later than 4/1/18. An initial deposit will be required at the time of registration, along with the completed and filled out Spring Training Registration Form and initialed and signed Handbook Acknowledgement Form. As were our options during the Fall/Winter, the remaining program fees can either be paid in full by 4/15, or via auto pay from payments on 4/15 and 5/15. Additionally, a $50 escrow deposit is required for all Track 1 swimmers, with the exception of our Little Stingrays.

Please contact me with any questions!