615 Policies


Swim615 Facility Policy


At Swim615, it is important that our athletes represent our team positively so that we can maintain a healthy relationship with our facilities. Swim615 athletes are expected to adhere to all facility rules inside the building as well as on the pool deck. Swim615 athletes should not be present at the facility earlier than ten minutes prior to practice time unless supervised by a parent/guardian or prior permission has been granted.  Members of Swim615 are permitted to use the pool, locker rooms, field house, and weight room under supervision of a Swim615 coach. If any Swim615 athlete is demonstrating misconduct at the facility, coaches will address the behavior with the athlete as well as inform the athlete’s parent/guardian of the occurrence. If a Swim615 athlete continues to demonstrate poor behavior anywhere in the facility, a meeting will be scheduled with the parent/guardian to further discuss a plan.