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We offer swim lessons which we call PCT (Pre-Competitive Training). Competitive Swim Training is focused on stroke technique training as well as safety. We offer lessons for kids 4 - 17 yrs and all skill levels. To schedule for lessons please go to the Lessons Signup tab if you've been assessed or have been in our PCT classes before. If not then the child will need to be assessed prior to registering for lessons. Assessments are done Monday - Thursday at 6pm at City Park Pool. (Please note: We are on vacation and closed from July 29th until Aug 12th when we return at 4:30pm) Assessments are free!

Email our Pre-Competitive Training Manager

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The Corona Aquatics Team is proud to offer our Pre-Competitive Training (PCT) Program as an entry level swim program. The Program is divided into 2 week "Sessions" consisting of thirty (30) minute classes (25 minutes in the water). No class will ever have more than a 6:1 student-instructor ratio.  Please call or email to schedule an assessment. 

We offer two options... 2 or 4 days a week. You are sure to find something that fits your schedule.

All of our instructors are Lifeguard Certified, CPR Certified, Red Cross Certified, Water Safety Instructor (WSI) Certified or registered Coaches with USA Swimming.

The criteria for each level are as follows:

Level 2

Level 2 builds on the swimming skills your child already has. Level 2 will introduce beginning freestyle and backstroke and the use of the kickboard. Among other required skills, graduation from this class requires the student to perform unassisted front and back floats and to confidently complete an unassisted freestyle swim across 1/2 the length of a 25 yard pool.

Upon graduation from Level 2, students are encouraged to join our Pre-Competitive Swim Level 3.

Level 3

Level 3 builds on the skills developed in Level 2.  Entry into Level 3 requires the student to be able to perform all skills required for graduation from the Level 2 Pre-Competitive Program Level 3 will continue to develop both the freestyle and backstroke technique, and build the endurance and confidence to complete a 25 yard freestyle swim. The breaststroke and butterfly strokes with proper breathing, arm, and kicking technique will be introduced and the swimmer will begin dive training from the side of the pool,  Graduation from Level 3 will require the student to confidently and quickly complete a 25 yard freestyle and backstroke swim and demonstrate an understanding of the breast and butterfly techniques.

Level 4

Level 4 builds on the skill learned in Level 3.   Entry into Level 4 requires the student to be able to perform all skills required for graduation from Level 3.   Level 4 will continue to work on the breast and butterfly stroke techniques as well as pencil diving from the side of the pool.   Emphasis will be placed on increasing endurance and confidence while maintaining proper technique.  Graduation from Level 4 will require the student to confidently and quickly complete a 25 yard freestyle and backstroke swim and 15 yard breaststroke and butterfly swim. 

Upon graduation from Level 4 the swimmer will be invited to join the Competitive Team. They will be eligible to become a member of USA Swimming and they will be ready to participate in swim meet competitions.

To register for the Pre-Competitive Training, please click on the Lessons Signup tab. 

Swimmers will need a bathing suit, towel and goggles. A swim cap is optional, but recommended.

* Class times and levels are subject to change depending on demand.

* There are no refunds for missed classes. Missed classes will not be credited to future sessions.

Click Here for a map to Corona City Park Pool.

We look forward to seeing you!