Team Gear

NEW! For 2018, we are now including a team suit, two team caps and a team shirt. These will be provided at the first week of practice. When you register your child, please make sure you choose the appropriate shirt size as exchanges will not be allowed. If you would like to purchase a parent shirt, please email Audrey at at the time of registration. The cost will be $10 per shirt, $12 for XXL.

Our team has a new supplier for suits and equipment-

When registering, please select suit size based on these size charts. Coach Audrey will have additional suits for purchase. Team suits are required for meets- the kids love to match each other and having everyone look the same fosters team spirit. Suit colors will correspond to each location's color.

Additional gear required for our junior teams: goggles, kickboard, and fins. Please- no scuba, free dive, or body boarding fins. They are too heavy for swimming and can hurt little knees and ankles. Swim fins are designed specifically for a swim kick. A mesh bag to hold their gear is recommended, and helps children learn responsibility in keeping their gear together. CAS has a one stop gear package to make purchasing easier.