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USA Swimming: (719) 866-4578 Deal with a Safe Sport Concern 


U.S Center for Safe Sport:

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  2. Call: 833-5US-SAFE (833-587-7233)
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Safe Sport Best Practices Guidelines

Katy Aquatics Student-Athlete Code of Conduct


Katy Aquatics MAAP

Katy Aquatics Written Acknowledgement 

Athlete Protection Policy

Parent Consent Forms 


Learning Opportunities

Online Safe Sport for ParentsThis Safe Sport online course for parents (Parent's Guide to Misconduct in Sport) provides an introduction to Safe Sport, abuse, and reporting information. The course is available to both members and non-members of USA Swimming and is free. The course is optional, however, our club receives points toward USA Swimming Safe Sport Recognition based on the percentage of registered households that have completed it. Get registered and take the course here

Online Safe Sport for Athletes - This Safe Sport online training for athletes (Safe Sports for Athletes) provides an introduction to Safe Sport, healthy boundaries, and how to speak up about misconduct, abuse, and the behaviors that lead to abuse. The course is free and optional, however, our club receives points toward USA Swimming Safe Sport Recognition based on the percentage of registered athletes in our club that have completed it. Get registered and take the course here

Helpful hints:  Once on the USA Swimming Learn page, click on “Courses” at the top of the page.  Along the left side of the screen “Courses” narrow down your search by clicking on the appropriate “For” (example:  Parent) and then clicking on “SafeSport" under “Topic.”  Once you've chosen the appropriate course, click on the “Add to Cart."  Even though there is no charge for these classes you still need to “Check Out.”  Once you’ve checked out the course will appear on your “Dashboard” and is ready to go!

Athlete Protection Training - This Safe Sport certification is required for all adult members of USA Swimming, including Coaches, Officials, Chaperones, Meet Directors, and Adult Athletes. Click here and follow the Instructions for Completion.


Safe Sport Activity Book - designed for use with kids ages 5-11 to start the conversation about positive team culture, maintaining an environment of support and safety, and all the reasons to love the sport of swimming



Patrick Fults, Vice President, Katy Board of Directors and Safe Sport Coordinator

Tanja Avant, Co-Director Competitive Age Group Swimming and Safe Sport Coordinator  


History of Safe Sport

At the US Aquatic Sports Convention in September 2010, USA Swimming launched a new initiative for the protection of Athletes. Initially called “Athlete Protection”, the name was changed in 2012 to reflect the extension of protection policies to all members of USA Swimming, including athletes, coaches, officials, and non-athlete members/volunteers of USA Swimming. It is now referred to as “Safe Sport”. The USA Swimming Code of Conduct, Article 304 of the USA Swimming Rule Book, provides specific and mandatory policies that must be followed at all levels of the organization. These policies are enforceable by the LSC and National Board of Review process. Consequences for violating a policy include, but are not limited to, revocation of membership. The USA Swimming Safe Sport homepage is

LSC Safe Sport 

Gulf Swimming has established the position of Safe Sport Coordinator (LSC Safe Sport Chair – [email protected]). This person is responsible for the implementation and coordination of the USA Swimming Safe Sport Programs at the LSC level and serves as the liaison between the USA Swimming Director of Safe Sport (Susan Woessner) and the LSC. This position is critical to providing an all-important communication link between USA Swimming and the LSC on all Safe Sport matters. The appointed Safe Sport Coordinator can be contacted by emailing [email protected].

USA Swimming’s 2,700 Clubs, as independent businesses, are responsible for abiding by USA Swimming’s Rules and Policies surrounding Safe Sport. We all have a role to play in creating a healthy setting for sport. Safe Sport helps raise awareness about misconduct in sport, promote open dialogue, and provide training and resources. When we work as a team, we can build a game plan to make sports safe for everyone