SwimAmerica Lessons


  • Glenbrook Swim Club is pleased to be a part of the Swim America swimming lessons program. Swim America’s goal is “to teach America to swim for health, safety, fun, and fitness.” Swim America is an international, state of the art, learn to swim program that operates in nine countries. Swim America believes that a student should not only be taught to swim but should be taught to swim well. Swim America programs operate in conjunction with The American Swimming Coaches Association and all instructors are highly trained and certified. Glenbrook Swim Club Swim America is directed by Matt Purdy, Assistant Athletic Director at Glenbrook North.   

Participation Requirements:

  • We will accept children who turn 4 years old by the first day of lessons. We expect our enrollees to be ready and willing to positively cooperate in our lesson setting.

Trained Staff:

  • The instructors are highly qualified and trained to provide quality swim lessons with care, compassion, and good humor.


  • The Swim America program is conducted at Glenbrook South High School and Glenbrook North High School. The lessons are primarily conducted in the 6 lane pools which are mostly shallow and are an ideal instructional pool.

Instructor to Student Ratio and Class Size:

  • To ensure the most ideal teaching conditions, we maintain an instructor to student ratio of no more than 1:3. Each class will be limited to 12 students minimum and 33 students maximum. Classes will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Something for Everyone:

  • We believe that we are teaching your child a lifelong skill that can save your child’s life. We believe that at the completion of a lesson progression, your child should have as many options in aquatics as possible. Whether it is basic survival skills, lifelong aquatic comfort in recreational aquatic activities, a lifetime of productive aquatic fitness, or even possible participation in a competitive swimming program, your child should learn how to swim correctly. We are confident that our goal-oriented program, 10 levels of advancement, and motivational instructors provide quality instruction, no matter what your child’s aquatic future has in store.

Refund Policy/Make-Up Lessons:

  • Due to our limited enrollment, only medical emergency situations will be considered for a refund. Refunds or make-ups will not be given for absence due to illness or other conflicts.