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To help the team run as smoothly as possible and make it a positive experience for all, the following conduct is expected from our parents: 

    •    Arrive at the meet in plenty of time to check in for your shift and get your swimmers checked in for their events. Once you get your swimmers settled and they know what events they need to listen for, make sure you are at your post to work your shift on time. If something comes up and you cannot make your designated shift, either find another parent to cover for you ahead of time or find the volunteer coordinator and inform her of your problem.

    •    Contribute to the team by volunteering whenever and however needed, don’t necessarily wait to be asked. If you see a need, volunteer.

    •    Be helpful to those who have volunteered. People graciously donate a lot of their time and energy to make the team as successful as possible. Be appreciative of the volunteers. 

    •    Do not use the practice sessions as child care. Make arrangements to have your children arrive on time and depart as soon as their sessions are over. When you drop your young child off, verify that there actually is practice that day. Sometimes something comes up (chlorine or temperature problems with the pool, coach illness, etc.) and practice may have to be cancelled at the last minute and the kids sent home. (You can use this opportunity to retrieve the contents of your family folder.) As a rule, if your child is too young to walk home from the pool unaccompanied, you need to walk up the stairs to the pool with your child to verify that practice will actually occur that day. Don’t just drop them and leave.

    •    Take responsibility for your children at the meets. This includes making sure they arrive at their events on time. Also, please make sure that your children behave respectfully when we are guests at another team’s pool.

    •    See to it that your swimmer(s) pick up their trash at the end of the meet before they leave.

    •    Make sure you sign up for and work at a MINIMUM of four meets during the season and every meet at which your swimmer is participating.