OAQ Race to JOs

Osprey Race to JO Meet

March 2/3



Welcome to the March 2/3 Race to JO meet at Willow Glen HS.  There is parking available on the basketball courts behind the pool as well as on the corner of Cottle and Dry Creek. 


Pool Doors will open at 6:30 AM.  No tent set up will be allowed on the deck except for Coaches.  There is ample room in front of the pool as well as in the area behind the pool.

Please check back for a meet program.  We will not be selling programs at the meet.

Timing assignments by team on both days are as follows:

Lanes 1-3 Osprey
Lanes 4-5 BAY
Lane 6
Lane 7
Lane 8
Lanes 1-3 OAQ
Lane 4 BAY
Lane 5
Lane 6
Lane 7
Lane 8