Team Gear

Please see attached order form for team clothing for the 2019 season available through playfair. Please make cheques payable to Aquarians and provide the order forms and cheques to either

Marie-Catherine Ducharme   

or Trina Williams Orders will be accepted until May 7, 2019.  


The Aquarians have set up an online store through Team Aquatics. Each swimmer requires fins for practice as the pool no longer supplies these. The club does have some fins that are accessible for the kids, please note we may not have your child’s size. There are some other suggestions listed on the team page, just optional as well you can search through the website beyond the page. Please note any items you purchase through this store you will receive a 20% discount. Password and discount code are GRA118. 

Playfair will do stitching of logo and names on items you purchase such as bags for an additional fee.  Please contact Marie-Catherine at the email above for prices and to arrange stitching. The store will be live until May 15, 2019.