2018 Family Long Course Fundraising Requirement

Most people don’t realize that our registration fees cover only about 70% of the teams yearly expenses.  The major costs our club is faced with are coaches’ salaries, travel and training, fundraising fees, and website fees.  With ever increasing costs, a main concern for the  Board is to keep fees affordable for all families.  We therefore must rely on fundraising and donations to make up the difference. 

For this reason, the Board has decided to implement a mandatory fundraiser requirement for the Spring/Summer Long Course Season.  Each family is asked to raise $100 to help cover the operational costs of the team.  You may elect to pay your fundraising commitment at the time of registration, or you can participate in the Scrips Gift Card program throughout the season to meet your commitment.  All rebate profits eared through Scrip will be deducted from your $100 commitment.  More information on Scrip will be sent out in April.  All fundraising fees are due by August 18, 2018, and will be billed to your account on that date if your family has not yet met your commitment.