Volunteer Roles

Merrimack Swim Team only functions with the involvement of EVERY swim family at both home and away meets.  You must officially sign up for volunteer slots through the Commit to Meets tab. Select the meet where you'd like to volunteer and select "Job Sign-up".

  • For A meets, the expectation is that each family volunteers at all meets as there are fewer swimmers (families) to fill needed roles.
  • For B meets, the expectation is that each family volunteers for two meets.

Below are some of the various volunteer roles in which you can serve:

  • Timers - No experienced needed!  Head Timer will provide all instructions before the meet.
  • Head Timer - Experienced timer needed.  Provides introduction to all timers prior to meets. (Cheat sheet provided by Reps). Runs two stopwatches for each heat in case any timer's watch fails.
  • Runner - Gathers timecards and "runs" them from lanes to Automation.
  • Clerk of Course - Ensures each swimmer is in the proper heat/lane. Great opportunity to get to know Merrimack swimmers!
  • Mack's Cafe Helpers - Help sell concessions at home A meets from inside Mack's Cafe. 
  • Spirit Wear Sales - Help set up, break down and sell/organize Spirit Wear as needed during home meets.
  • Automation - Training required.  Enter times provided by runners in computer software. Pass on this role unless you've approached Reps about your interest.  (We'll train you!)
  • Ribbon writing - Add stickers to ribbons with each swimmer's time. Easy! 
  • Tent pick-up/delivery/return - Away meets only. Pick up pop-up tents from Merrimack.  Deliver to away meet.  Return tents to Merrimack following the meet.  Minivans/SUVS recommended.  
  • Donut delivery: Once MCPS is out of school, Friday mornings become donut practices.  Volunteer needed to pick-up pre-ordered and pre-paid donuts and deliver them to Merrimack.  Contact Reps if interested.  (Not a Team Unify sign up role.)
  • Ice delivery: For home meets, we need ice for our snack bar drinks. Purchase and deliver 4, 40 lbs bags of ice for a home meet.  We will reimburse you!
  • Pep rally support:Each Tuesday afternoon we have our weekly pep rally. Katie Fioravanti is leading the charge on pep rallies, but she'd love some extra hands to help on Tuesdays.  Contact Katie if interested.  (Not a Team Unify sign up role.)

Certified officials are critical to run swim meets.  Merrimack is looking for additional officials (referee, starter, stroke & turn judges).  If interested in one of these roles, contact Reps.