Rudgear Estates Polliwogs is a fun and exciting pre-swim team program designed for beginning swimmers who are at least 4 years old by June 15 (or can meet the listed requirements). It is a non-competitive, quality skill-building program, designed for group instruction with an approximate ratio of five kids to one coach. Polliwog coaches are trained and supervised by the REST head coach. The entire REST coaching staff, will help with the Polliwogs, along with dedicated “Junior” and “Rat Pack” coaches, who are specifically selected to work with Polliwog swimmers based on their love for swimming, children and the Rats.

Basic Qualifications for Polliwog Swimmers:

  • 4 years old by June 15 (if younger must meet all requirements and be approved by Head Coach/Coach Liaison)
  • Able to put face in water
  • Able to swim approximately 3 feet unassisted away from side to a coach
  • Be willing to work in the water with all REST coaches, with parent standing back away from pool

*Note:  On the first day of practice the kids will be asked to swim for the coaches to assess abilities and ensure water safety. If you think that your swimmer is not yet ready for Polliwogs, consider private lessons taught by our coaches.

Practice Schedule:  The Polliwog program runs from the second Monday in June to the fourth Saturday in July. Practices will be from 12:10 p.m. until 12:30 p.m. on weekdays except for Wednesdays.

Swim Meets/Graduation: Typically, Polliwogs do not swim in meets; however, the culmination of their season is their "graduation" at the last home meet where they will swim the length of the pool as iif n an actual event, with their coaches and the whole team cheering them on. Participation awards will be presented to the Polliwogs during their last practice.

It is REST’s goal for the Polliwog program to provide quality instruction, while having a lot of fun and getting a taste of swim team!

For questions regarding the program, please contact the REST Coach Liaison:  coachliaison@rudgearrats.com

**On occasion, a coach may make the determination that a Polliwog swimmer's skills are adequate enough to join the 6 and under age group of the swim team. If this happens within the first two weeks of the Polliwog program, the swimmer's family will be asked to pay fees commensurate with their time on the swim team. They may also be asked to fulfill jobs as seen fit by the jobs coordinator. Regardless of when a Polliwog moves up, if they swim at City Meet, Conference Meet or a special meet, such as Dewing Derby or Sugarloaf Cup, the family is obligated to meet the job requirement(s) for that meet.