Volunteer Policy

The Deerfield Bluefins Swim Team is a 100% volunteer organization. It takes parental support to operate the team and conduct swim meets. Parent participation in the team's activities is a condition of membership, and each family will be required to accumulate 7 POINTS through volunteering. Each family is required to submit a $300 volunteer security deposit check when registering their swimmer(s). THIS IS NOT AN OPT-OUT FOR THE VOLUNTEER REQUIREMENT.   If all your volunteer duties have been completed your check at the end of the season will be shredded.

Swimmer Check-In

Check-in swimmers before the meet. Write race assignments for swimmers. Arrive 7:00AM to Pool. See Coaches at the start of the meet to confirm swimmer arrival. 

Meet Set Up

Starts at 6:00AM Meet at Pool Deck (Required to Lift 25 - 50 lbs) EZups, chairs, Tables and Pool (Starting Platforms and Lane lines).(Contact facilities Aaron Bern) 

Bait Shack Setup Setup Volunteers (2): Report to Pool Deck at 6:30AM:  Table Setup, EZups setup, Fill Buckets (Ice and Drinks), Appliances (Plug-in powercords), Start Coffee, Set up Racks and condement station.  

Bait Shack  Breakfast 

Bait Shack Workers Volunteers (7) Total Positions: Cashier/Order Taker (2), Maintenance(1), Cook (3) and Grill (1). Time 8am - 10am  

Bait Shack  RUSH

LUNCH RUSH!!! Bait Shack Workers (9) Total Positions: Cashier / Order Taker (3), Runner (1), Cook (Quesadilla, Hot Dog Bun, Teriyaki) (2), Condement Restocking (1) and GRILL!!! (2). Time: 10am - 12:30pm    


Bait Shack Workers (4): Order/Cashier (2) Maintenance(1) Grill (1). 12:30pm - 2:30pm.
Bait Shack Clean UP! (4): Break down the Bait Shack. 1:30pm-2:30pm 
Bait Shack Dish Washer (1): Take Home the Dirty Dishes, Bring back on Tuesday. 
Bait Shack Shopper (1):  Purchase items on shopping list needed for meet and deliver before the day of meet. 
Bait Shack Prep (2): Night Before Prep Food(Musubi, Fruit Cups, and Etc). Deliver to pool deck day of meet 7AM.  

SNOW CONE/ SHAVED ICE MAKER Snow Cones / Shaved Ice workers (2): First Shift (9am - 11am) Setup Station for making Shaved Ice. Second Shift (11am- 2:30pm) Make Shaved Ice and Clean up and end of meet. 


Check-in with Timer Coordinator to get stop watch and instructions. Times swimmers.

Ready Bench

Check-in swimmers at ready bench. Distribute lane cards to swimmers and line up swimmers by lane assignment.

Lane Runner

Check-in with Lane Runner Coordinator, Help distribute and collect lane cards from timers. Deliver lane cards to head table

Back-up Timer

Check-in with Timer Coordinator. Get a stop watch and instructions.

Ribbon Sorter

Attach labels to ribbons, sorts and files ribbons by swimmer, and works with the Head Table.


Starts ~2:30PM Break-down and clean up head table, ready bench and EZ-ups. Includes Trash Removal from Pool Deck.  (Contact facilities Aaron Bern)

Timer Coordinator

*Timer experience required. Distribute stop watches and explain Timer responsibilities.

Ready Bench Coordinator

*Ready Bench experience required. Oversee Ready Bench Volunteers, check-in swimmers at ready bench, distribute lane cards to swimmers, line-up swimmers by lane assignment.

Lane Runner Coordinator

*Lane Runner experience required. Coordinate & assist Lane Runners, deliver lane cards to timers, collect lane cards from timers, deliver lane cards to head table.

Data Entry

*Not recommended for first time volunteers. Enters race results, creates ribbon labels, and works with Head Table volunteers.

Card Sorter

*Not recommended for first time volunteers. Sorts lane cards from each event and works with Data Entry volunteer.

Meet Announcer *Not recommended for first time volunteersAnnounces meet events over the PA System, coordinates with the meet official to keep things running smoothly. Must be easily understood and comfortable with public speaking. Familiarity with the flow of a swim meet is recommended.