Apparel & Gear

Swim Gear

If your swimmer needs goggles, caps, extra suits or anything swim related we suggest you shop through Swim Outlet. For every purchase, the Crocodiles get a small rebate back and there are some items with the CROCS logos. 

Team Suits

Team suits are required for participating in meets and will be ordered early in the season in time for team pictures and our first meet. See the Swimsuits tab for more info on Crocodiles team suits.

Team Caps

All NEW swimmers on the team receive a CROCS team latex swim cap to be worn at swim meets. If additional caps are needed during the season latex caps will be available at the apparel hut for purchase at a minimal price or you can order silicone caps (see below).

Team Silicone Caps

You may order CROCS team silicone caps with the option to personalize it with your last name at the beginning of the season. Silicone caps cost more than the latex, but are far more durable. If you are having them personalized (which we recommend) there is a 2 cap minimum. Download and print the form.

Team Apparel

We have Crocodile team apparel available at the pool during meets and events for purchase, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, pajama pants, swim caps and more.


Visit our Swim Outlet team store to get either a basic parka, a parka with the "CVC" logo, or a parka with the "CVC" logo and your swimmer's name.