Summer Splashes & Lessons
Summer Splashes  -OR-  Summer Lessons?
The Panama City Swim Team offers two programs during the summer months that introduce participants to swimming, but which one is best for your child? 
We use the following guide when doing swimmer placements to decide which program is best suited for your child:
Summer Lessons - No swimming experience required, must be comfortable in the pool.
Summer Splashes: Squirts - Must be able to swim at least 5 yards unassisted
Summer Splashes: Ripples - Must be able to swim at least 15 yards unassisted
Summer Splashes: Splashes - Must be able to swim at least 25 yards unassisted
Both programs will have instructors in the water with your child and both will feature a GREAT swimmer to coach ratio! 
 Summer Lessons will be focused on increasing your child’s comfort level in the water as well as teach them the basics for swimming and safety in the water.  There are no competitions or Fun Meets for Summer Lessons. 
Summer Splashes will be focused on increasing your child’s proficiency with their swimming and introducing the multiple strokes performed in competitive swimming.  There will be several Fun Meets offered for Summer Splashes participants to showcase their efforts and advancement in swimming!
Still unsure? 
Feel free to join us for one of our Summer Splashes Group Placements.  Our staff will be able to guide you to the best program for your child if you attend one of these placements.  The schedule for Group Placements can be found on the Summer Splashes page linked below.
For More Information about SUMMER LESSONS CLICK HERE
For More Information about SUMMER SPLASHES CLICK HERE
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