HEAD COACH - Ryan Wonsor

Ryan began swimming competitively when he was eleven years old for the Killington Sharks Swim Team.  From that season on Ryan spent every one of his summers swimming for the Sharks and eventually wound up coaching as their Assistant Coach around 2009.  As swimmer, aside from having wonderful coaches who helped build his technique and performance; the Killington Sharks provided a welcoming, fun and unique social experience that encouraged him to want to further his swimming career in college when he attended the University of Maine in 2007.  While obtaining his bachelors degree in Physical Education & Kinesiology Ryan swam competitively for the University of Maine as a sprint free stylist until he graduated in 2011.  

Since graduating from college Ryan has worked as an Assistant Coach for the Canoe City Swim Club in Orono, ME as well as for the YWCA Greenwich Dolphins in Greenwich CT.  Currently Ryan works as a Physical Educator at the Nashoba  Brooks School in Concord, MA where he coaches girls field hockey, basketball and lacrosse. Ryan is looking forward to finally getting back up to Killington, VT for the summer and getting back to where he started.  


ASSISTANT COACH - Matt Titterton