New Sharks Team Members:

Q:  Where can I find orientation materials for new swimmers?

A:  See here for the 2018 Shark Season Orientation packet.

Q:  What additional information is available for new team members?

A:  See here for a list of helpful hints for new Shark families.  

 Swim Meets:
Q:  How do I register my swimmer for a meet?

A:  See here for step-by-step instructions registering your swimmer for meets.

Q:  What is the best way to "label" my swimmer for meets?

A:  See here for instructions on labeling instructions.

Q:  What time do Swim Meets start?

A:  All regular season swim meets start at 3 PM.  Warm-ups for home meets (hosted @ Wellington West Pool start at 2 PM, and warm-ups for away meets start at 2:30 PM.  *Please note, times for post season meets (Championships & All-Stars) are still TBD, and will be solidified in July.

Q:  How do I know if my Swimmer Qualifies for the All-Star Meet?

A:  This meet has qualifying times.  The time standards are attached.  If your athlete has a time that meets or exceeds a time standard, they will be eligible for that race.  

Q:  Where can I find specific information about the Championship Meet?

A:  Click here to find detailed information on how the Championship Meet will run on Tuesday July 10th. 

Swim Suits:

Q:  How do I order a Swim Suit for the 2018 Shark Season.

A:  Shark suits can be ordered from our vendor Xtreme Swim.  Follow these instructions. Team code is wsharks.  

Picture Day:

Q:  When is Picture Day and where are pictures taken?

A:  Picture Day will be Monday June 18th @ Wellington West Pool.  Pictures will start at 8AM.

Q:  How can I order Pictures?

A:  Forms are available here.  Forms will also be available at the pool that morning.  


Q:  How can I learn more about the Wellington Shark Coaches?

A:  Click here to see Bios for each one of our Shark Coaches.

Swim Lessons:

Q:  How can I get my Shark some additional lessons, or pool time with Shark Coaches?

A:  For more information, please e-mail our head coach, Matt at mtmswim@hotmail.com.  Click here for more details.

Team Party:

Q:  Where can I find the details of the End of Season Team Party?

A:  Party is scheduled for Saturday July 14th.  Dinner will start at 5:30PM and park will be open until 8:30PM.  Click here fore more details.

Q:  How can I buy tickets to the End of Season Team Party?

A:  Tickets are on sale now through July 9th (or until sold out).  Click here for order form.  To buy your tickets fill out the order form and enclose it with your payment in an envelope and place in the Hawaiian Falls bin (next to the ribbon bin) or give in person to Kirsti Landels or Jessica Mangelson