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2018 Iowa Swimming, Inc. Swimposium Conference
October 6th, 2018
    Wellmark YMCA, 
Des Moines, Iowa

Iowa Swimming is proud to offer this exciting opportunity to all of our members.  The Swimposium Conference brings in outstanding speakers from USA Swimming on topics relating to athletes, coaches, officials, and parents. All in one place.


To register click here: 2018 ISI Swimposium  




A Swimposium is a full day of educational clinics presented by USA Staff and other experts for swimmers, parents of swimmers, swim coaches and swim officials.  The purpose of a Swimposium is to enhance communications, exchange ideas, and educate athletes, parents, coaches and officials about swimming programs and services.  



Some of the topics that will be covered during our Swimposium will include:

To Push or not to Push – This segment is for parents presented by David Benzel.  This clinic will help parents discover the best approach for their family and to develop a client for True Optimal Push.

How to create a Winners Mindset – This clinic is for athletes presented by David Benzel.  It is intended to help athletes gain self-confidence for sports and school.  

Safe Sport for Swimmers – This will cover what athletes, parents and volunteers need to be aware of to keep swimmers safe and protected.  

Nutrition - This clinic will outline what parents, coaches and athletes need to know about everyday nutrition and importance of hydration and how to change an athlete’s diet for training and competition.  

Peak Performance – This segment will focus on what parents need to learn about training, overtraining and avoiding injuries.  It will also give some suggestions what is necessary to recover from injuries.  

Swimming Opportunities in College – This will be an educational segment with a panel of college coaches to learn about opportunities to swim and be active in swimming  after an athlete has graduated from high school.

How Credible Coaches Think – This clinic will be presented by David Benzel for coaches.  This clinic will help coaches master emotional issues that will help athletes reach their full potential.

The making of a professional Open Water Official - This will cover what it takes to become an Open Water Official and the different officiating positions and responsibilities at an Open Water event.

To register click here: 2018 ISI Swimposium


Featured Speakers:

                                                                          Image result for david benzel photo 

David Benzel will be a featured speaker at the 2018 Iowa Swimming, Inc. Swimposium.  David is instrumental in USA Safe Sport issues.  He will provide discussions with athletes, coaches and parents.



David Benzel is an author, athlete, sport-family coach, and sought-after speaker for organizations nationwide. He brings an athlete's discipline, a coach's inspiration, and a parent's practical experience to teach parents and coaches skills for succeeding in the athletic arena.


David’s 15 years as a corporate leadership coach for companies like Nextel, Sprint, Allstate, Balfour Beatty and The Villages established him as an expert in the principles of influence and coaching. And his 10 years as a commentator for ESPN and the Outdoor Life Network provide his audiences with vivid insights about the challenges of sport.

The Growing Champions for Life philosophy was built from David’s corporate leadership experience, his own notable athletic career as a champion water skier, and his years coaching others to help them reach peak performance in their athletic endeavors, gain self-confidence and improve their overall life skills.

David has accomplished a great deal throughout his business, athletic, and coaching career, but he describes raising children as the ultimate learning experience. Raising two elite-level athletes has given David boundless passion and hundreds of positive strategies for connecting with out athletic children. Daughter Tarah was a Jr. World Water Skiing Champion and is now a professional wake boarder. Son Tyler received a baseball scholarship to Florida Southern College and went on to play professionally for the Newark Bears.

More speakers will be added soon! Along with the announcement of the Olympic athletes that will be working with the swimmers in and out of the pool.