Team Info

Our Mission

Olympic Cascade Aquatics strives to promote swimming as a lifetime sport to its member families and the community, and provide a comprehensive development program for its members to pursue and achieve their competitive potential at the highest possible level in the sport.

OCA is a coach-owned USA Swimming program that works closely in association with the the Mercer Island Country Club (MICC), Mary Wayte pool (MW), Mercer Island Beach Club (MIBC), Phantom Lake Pool (PL) and its non-profit volunteer Booster Association. 

Convenient Pool Locations

Headquartered on Mercer Island, OCA pools are centrally located and easy to access from I-90 and I-405.  Mary Wayte Pool is an indoor facility.  Mercer Island Country Club pool is open-air in the spring/summer, and covered in the fall/winter.  Mercer Island Beach Club and Phantom Lake pool are outdoor pools.

United Team

OCA is a cohesive group of swimmers and parents with a deep connection to the swimming community. We are enthusiastic supporters of our coaches and committed to creating a successful program that will enrich the lives of all who are a part of it. Please join us!

Training Groups


This is the entry practice group geared toward swimmers in the youngest age groups. Swimmers will learn all four competitive strokes and be introduced to fun local competitions.

Minimum requirements: swim four competitive strokes legally (USA swimming rules)


This group is focused on improving skill and gaining competitive experience. The swimmer will refine all four of their strokes and skills (starts, turns, and under waters) with the goal of completing a legal 100 IM.  Other basic skills of the sport will be taught so that the swimmer can read a pace clock, follow lane etiquette, and enjoy the fun team aspects of the sport with their friends.


This practice group requires legal performance of all four competitive strokes.  The focus is on improving technique in all strokes and racing skills with the goal of completing a legal 200 IM.  Introductory training principles will be learned and increase in the frequency of competition and associated racing skills will be pursued.


This practice group is focused on development of advance competitive swimming skills. This group continues to emphasize skill development with a greater focus on physical training to maintain technique over longer races (introduce 200s of each stroke and 400 IM).  Race strategy will be refined and a focus on regional competitions will be initiated. 


This practice group is a highly competitive and works to develop the dedication, fitness and desire to become an accomplished senior level (open) competitive swimmer. The athletes focus on advanced technique development and race strategy enhancement, as well as rigorous physical training.  Introduction to nutrition, dry land training and goal setting will allow group members to succeed at the State and Regional Championships.


This group trains to achieve each individuals highest performance potential in swimming. These athletes are dedicated swimmers who have high-level goals. Attendance is required and practice are physically and mentally challenging.  Athlete preparation in this group will provide a foundation for national level competition and a successful college swimming careers.