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The MAAC PreCompetitive Program:

The MAAC PreCompetitive Training Program is a skills based program geared towards developing all four swimming strokes.  The "Pre-Comp" program is perfect for the summer league swimmer looking to build on the skills developed over the summer and for the swimmer transitioning out of the swim lessons into a technique based swim practice. 

Instruction is geared toward learning breaststroke and butterfly, alongside the further development of skills and strength in freestyle and backstroke.  The goal is for swimmers to gain confidence, strength and endurance through drills and kicking.  The MAAC PreComp program lays the foundation for competitive racing skills such as diving, turns, and streamlines while also creating an environment of a team.

In order to provide the best instruction for the swimmers, we maintain a manageable  swimmer to coach ratio to ensure each swimmer receives quality technical instruction. Pre-Competitve swimmers will learn racing strategies, develop team spirit, a strong work ethic, and have some fun along the way.

Pre-Comp Practice Schedule - Summer 2019: 

All practices take place at the Campus Recreation Center at Georgia Tech.

750 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA 30318







April 29-May 24


5:30-6:15pm; 6:30-7:15pm


5:30-6:15pm; 6:30-7:15pm



May 27-July 27

5:30-6:15pm OFF 5:30-6:15pm OFF OFF


PreCompetitve Fees:

Annual Registration: $175; Monthly Training Fee: $140

Swimmer Participation Requirements
Swimmers must be able to complete 50 yards of freestyle and 25 yards of backstroke
Swimmers must attend a MAAC Swim Evaluation to ensure they are placed in the correct training group. 

Please click here to sign up for a team evaluation: MAAC Swim Team Evaluation Sign Up

Team Manager, Kathryn Groce: