Brant Synchro Programs

The Brant Synchro Club offers several levels of programs so we have something for every skill level. From an eight week Try Synchro Program to full year Competitive Program we will have a program that's right for every athlete.

Click here to view the list of required swim gear for each program.

Try Synchro & Aqua Squirts

This is an eight week program that's designed to be an introductory to synchronized swimming. It's a low-cost, low-pressure way to become familiar with synchronized swimming and to learn what it's all about. Athletes train one day per week, either on Sunday evening 3:45-5:00, Monday evening 5:45-7:00, Saturday morning 8:45-10:00.

The fee is $185 for each eight week session. We run a session in the fall, winter, and spring.

Aqua Squirts is for the youngest athletes, aged 8 and under. Try Synchro is designed for those aged 9-11. The Aqua Squirts will be provided with a swim belt if needed. For Try Synchro, the athlete should be comfortable and capable of swimming in deep water for several minutes at a time.


The Novice program is for those that want the fun and excitement of participating in competitions, but without the financial and time commitment of the full competitive program. The program runs from September to June, two days (4 hours) per week; Sunday 3:45-6:00 and Thursday 4:45-6:30.

Athletes will work on a routine throughout the year and will travel throughout southern Ontario to perform the routine with novice athletes from many other clubs. They will wear a special themed custom-made routine swim suit at all events.

10 & Under Program

Very similar to other sports we are moving in a direction that has us aligning our programs so that athletes in this province are training and competing with those of their same age group. To give some perspective last year our novice competitive team ranged from 8-15 years of age, all training together as one group.

In Brant, athletes aged 10 years and younger (born in 2009 or later) will have two options when they register. If they are looking for an introductory program they can register for TRY SYNCHRO, the traditional 8-week program. If the athlete and their family feel like they’re looking for something more they can register for the 10&Under Program. This program is run very much like a traditional "novice" program. With the new guidelines in place for athletes it makes the most sense to have all the athletes under 10 training together.  This option is also the one that provides the least amount of pressure emotionally for this age group.

We’re making a schedule change to the 10&Under Program based on feedback and inquiries from families. Three years ago, we switched the 10&Under program to three days per week to shorten practice times that were bulked over two days. We found that three days worked well for retention at that age and skill level, and that families were looking for weekends off.

The 2018-2019 schedule for the 10&Under Program will be:

  • Sundays 3:00pm – 6:00pm (one hour in dance studio, two hours in the water)
  • Wednesdays 4:45pm-7:00pm
  • Saturdays 8:45am-11:00am
  • Saturdays alternate per month, one month is the first Saturday of the month, the second month will be the first and third Saturday of the month (for a total of three Saturdays every two months)

A full schedule will be sent by the end of September
With adding in some Saturdays, we can decrease the number of days per week but not lose too many hours overall throughout the year.

With the new structure set out by the province, athletes in a 10&Under program will still attend almost the same number of events as the Novice Competitive. However, there are several benefits to athletes being in the 10&Under program rather than novice:

They will be registered with other athletes of a similar level of physical and emotional development
Program designed specific to their age group
Practicing with an age group and team that the athletes will progress with through the years, forming team relationships
Cross training in other land activities including dance and flexibility instruction
Coaching staff with advanced training
If at all you feel you have any questions about where your young athlete should be placed please don't hesitate to reach out to us at We are very excited for this new structure and the opportunities it presents for our 10&Under athletes.


Athletes over the age of 10 (born 2008 or earlier) have the option to join TRY SYNCHRO, Novice Competitive, or Competitive based on the recommendation of the coach in consultation with the family.

We have specific programs for the following age groups:

  • 11-12 Year Old
  • 13-15 Year Old
  • 16-20 Year Old