Required Swim Gear

Required Swim Gear


Try Synchro & Aqua Squirts


10 & Under Program & Competitive

Any One-Piece bathing suit



Any Swim Cap





Nose Plug(s)

Black Figures Suit1


Club Team Suit2


Club Swim Cap2


Yoga Mat


Black Gymnastic Shorts3


Club Jacket1



Club Bag1



Club Tank Top3



Club Tights3



Competition Suits1



Swim Snorkels1



Swim Fins1



  1. Ordered through Brant Synchro Club
  2. Supplied by Brant Synchro Club (included with fees)
  3. Ordered through Al’s Dance

Athletes are expected to bring all appropriate gear to all practices, meets, and competitions. Full Club uniform is required to be worn at all competitions by all athletes.

Spirit wear, additional non-uniform Brant Synchro branded clothing will be available for purchase throughout the year. There will be sizes available for all athletes and parents! The Spirit Wear is optional everyday type clothing and is not to be worn at competitions by the athletes.