R.E.S.L. Info

Welcome to the 2019 R.E.S.L. Championships information page.
Please take the time to review the volunteer assignments and important reminders.

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Timing Assignments
Officials Requirements
Marshal Sign-Ups 

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Please make sure to abide to posted parking requirements.  Payment is required on both Friday and Saturday. Pay machines are located on both levels of the parking area.  Officials and Coaches have limited free parking on a first come basis located west of the paid parking lots.

Team/Coaches Set up
There is limited grandstand space for teams to set up (first come basis).  Except for coaches at the diving board end, teams may not set up on the pool deck itself.  Teams may set up on the outside grass area. Canopies must be secured overnight.  Please delegate a team member to make sure all trash is picked up each day.

Restricted Areas
To keep the meet running in a timely manner.  The starting area is restricted to officials, timers, swimmers, and coaches.  Please abide to the posted signs.   Photo and video is not allowed in the starting area.

Coaches Entering Relays
All relays must be entered into swimconnection.  Only a Coach or Admin can enter relays.  
Steps to enter relays.
1. On the entry page, scroll to the bottom and click "enter relays".
2. Click on the relay(s) you wish to enter.
3. Select the type of relay (A,B,C...)
4. Enter a relay time. NT is ok.  
(You do not have to set swimmers, this can be done at the meet or here)
5. Click "Save"
6. Click "Back to entries summary page"
7. Click "Go to payment page" and make the payment.
8. You can double check to see your entries on the main enter meets page.

Coaches Entering a RELAY ONLY SWIMMER
1. On the entry page, scroll to the bottom and click "enter swimmer"
2. Select the swimmer name and click "enter"
3. Do not select an event for a swimmer and click "save"
4. A warning will pop up and you will need to click "yes"
5. You can check to see if they were entered on the main entry meets page.  You will their name listed with no events.