Sprint/Summr Info (April - July)


Thank you for you interest in Shelby County Aquatics Club Swimming program. Below is general information on SCAC. Please direct all questions to Coen Weiler via email (

All fees are due by the first practice of the season. Prices depend on the group your swimmer is in, and the number of practices per week.


Fees listed do NOT include $70 USA Swimming Fee

Please see the Swim Groups Tab for more information on each group.

Group Practices Per Week

Seasonal Fee

Skates 3-4


Sting Rays 5-6


Devil Rays 5-6 $125
Manta Rays 10+




Every swimmer must have a USA Swimming membership ($70 yearly membership) prior to the first practice. SCAC will collect the fees for this, and register your swimmer. SCAC must have a copy of your swimmer’s birth certificate on file in order to register with USA Swimming.


****Discounted prices avaiable for students who****

*****qualify for free/reduced lunches!!!*****



For registration, please print out the form below, and bring with you to your first practice, or to a registration day. 




The following athlete is interested in joining Shelby County Aquatics

Last Name:_________________  First Name:_____________ MI:____

Preferred Name:____________  DOB:___/___/___ M/F:_____

Guardian Information:
Last Name:_________________  First Name:_____________ Relationship:____________

Last Name:_________________  First Name:_____________


Home Address:_____________________________________

City______________    Zip Code:________    

Primary Contact Cell #:____________________

Primary Contact Email:____________________________________

Secondary Contact Cell #:______________________

Secondary Contact Email #:__________________________________