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Sharks Group

(school year schedule begins August 20th, 2018)

Sharks Group Practice Schedule

Los Banos (SB Harbor) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Dryland/team meeting/THEAPP@SBSC journal entry 4:15 to 4:30

Swimming 4:30 to 5:45

Wild Friday is 4:00 to 5:45 (on Fridays)

Monday: super short course emphasizing drills and turns

Tuesday: long course meters emphasizing endurance test set (for THEAPP@SBSC)

Wednesday:  super short course emphasizing drills and turns

Thursday: long course meters emphasizing endurance test set (for THEAPP@SBSC)

Wild Friday: featuring the "SBSC Champions Series Events" and "Aqua Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course" (super short course)

Sharks Group Rates

$125 per month


THEAPP@SBSC is the Athlete Progression Program, a swimming based curriculum for Sharks athletes to keep track of progress and gauges their own improvement over the season.  Sharks will maintain a journal that will list the various swim skills they’ve completed, their own times from endurance test sets, their own results from Champions Series events, Aqua Ninja Warrior Obstacle course Personal Record times, and their times from USA Swimming competitions.  Additional research and other components will help Sharks improve their overall understanding of the sport.  Swim skill testing and endurance test sets will be done periodically throughout each week.  

Champions Series Events (on Wild Friday only)

The Champions Series is a mini swim meet contested at Los Banos on Friday afternoons that functions as a dress rehearsal for Sharks in preparation for legitimate USA Swimming competitions.   Sharks will swim all 4 strokes individually (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle) and also swim the Medley event that combines all fours strokes together into one race.  Sharks will race in distances of 60 meters for the single stroke races and 120 meters for the IM event.  Sharks will not be disqualified for technical errors during Champion Series events, but Coach Mark will point out areas where the athlete would be disqualified if the infraction happened in a USA Swimming competition.  Times from the Champions Series will be recorded and age group/gender champions will be announced/awarded at the end of each competition.  Parents are encouraged to come to Los Banos and watch the Champions Series events.

Aqua Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course (on Wild Friday only)

SBSC has created an entirely unique obstacle course that is designed for swimmers to show off their Ninja skills in the water.  Athletes will navigate through series of challenges in the pool that will test their bodies and brains!  The Aqua Ninja Warrior Obstacle course will be set-up on Fridays and Sharks athletes will be cheered on by Senior group swimmers, SBSC parents and friends.  Athletes can do the course as many times as time permits until 5:45.  

Sharks Group Equipment

All Sharks Group athletes should have a fitted swim suit (ideally no surfboard shorts).  Swim goggles are required, because the swim team experience is hindered when athletes do not have goggles to protect their eyes from the water.  Athletes with long hair should wear a swim cap but it is not required.

Sharks Group Coach

The Sharks Group is coached by 2008 USA Swimming Olympian and SBSC Head Coach Mark Warkentin

Procedure for advancement from Sharks into the GOLD Group

Athletes participating in the Sharks group for the 2018-2019 season can move into the GOLD group after our spring quarter graduation in May of 2019.  Questions regarding Sharks moving into the GOLD group should be directed to SBSC Head Coach Mark Warkentin (  Ideally, parents should schedule a one-on-one meeting with Coach Mark where the athlete can be observed individually and the discussion about moving-up into GOLD after graduation can take place.