Swim Groups

TEMPO Aquatics offers a variety of instruction and practice intensity.
Our focus in all groups is technique and tempo!


Our "GUIDELINES"  for placing a swimmer into a group vary.   There are going to be swimmers who challenge these groupings either due to speed, experience, conditioning, etc. We offer practices 3 days per week...not because we expect you to attend 3 days per week...but so all swimmers can participate in other areas of interest, and still complete homework!  As we have had to combine groups, some shuffling of swimmers may occur in our early sessions.

TEMPO School-Year Team - Camden Pool

TEMPO Group Group Description Minimum Age Days Times
Blue  Advance level TEMPO Group 14 W        Th-F 4-5   4:30-6:00 
Green  (older)  Intermediate level TEMPO Group 12 W        Th-F 4-5    4:30-6:00
Green (younger)  Intermediate level TEMPO Group 9  W       Th-F 4-5,    4-4:45
White Beginning level TEMPO Group 5  W      Th-F 4-5,    4-4:45

*Camden Community Center Pool - 3369 Union Ave, San Jose, CA 95124



TEMPO Swimmers Equipment

TEMPO Group List of Equipment
Blue fins, snorkel, kickboard, pull-buoy, mesh bag, hand paddles
Green fins, snorkel, kickboard, pull-buoy, mesh bag
White fins, snorkel, kickboard, mesh bag

*TEMPO Aquatics team colors are  Royal Blue & Neon Green


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