Swim Groups

TEMPO Aquatics offers a variety of instruction and practice intensity.
Our focus in all groups is technique and tempo!


Our "GUIDELINES"  for placing a swimmer into a group vary.   

There are going to be swimmers who challenge these groupings either due to speed, experience, conditioning, etc. We offer practices 4 days per week...not because we expect you to attend 4 days per week...but so all swimmers can participate in other areas of interest, and still complete homework!  

TEMPO School-Year Team - Camden Pool

TEMPO Group Group Description Minimum Age Days Times
Blue  Advance level TEMPO Group 11 M, T, W, & Th      4:30-6:00 
Green   Intermediate level TEMPO Group 8 M, T, W, & Th      4:30-6:00
White Beginning level TEMPO  Group 5 M, T, W, & Th     4:00-4:45

*Camden Community Center Pool - 3369 Union Ave, San Jose, CA 95124



TEMPO Swimmers Equipment

TEMPO Group List of Equipment
Blue fins, snorkel, kickboard, pull-buoy, mesh bag, hand paddles
Green fins, snorkel, kickboard, pull-buoy, mesh bag
White fins, snorkel, kickboard, mesh bag

*TEMPO Aquatics team colors are  Royal Blue & Neon Green


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