Team Info



TYPICAL AGE RANGE: 6-9 years old This group is typically for young/beginner swimmers. New swimmers typically entering into this group should be able to legally swim 25 yards without stopping in 3 different strokes. In practice, they work mainly on swimming techniques and learning to do all four strokes legally. The main goal for Red Group is to encourage the swimmers to love the sport while improving on skills.


TYPICAL AGE RANGE: 8-10 years old This group works with younger swimmers who can do the basics, but still need stroke development. New swimmers entering White group should be able to swim 50 yards of freestyle and 50 yards of backstroke without stopping. We also like them to swim 25 yards of butterfly and/or 25 yards of breaststroke legally. While in the group we work on technique for all four strokes and build a little endurance. Our main goals are to ensure swimmers are legal in all four strokes and gain endurance to build confidence for the longer races.


TYPICAL AGE RANGE: 9-12 years old Consisting of advanced swimmers, the Blue group takes the skills and endurance learned in the prior two groups and expands them to build a more well-rounded and competitive swimmer. New swimmers entering Blue should be able to complete 100 yards of all four strokes (legally) and complete the 100 IM without stopping. Since this group is for more intermediate-level swimmers, entrants to Blue group must be able to keep up with the increased pace of practices and demonstrate a maturity reasonable for the age group. Technique work is still part of this training, and we introduce higher forms of endurance and aerobic training as the season progresses. Swimmers in Blue are expected to be able to follow verbal and written instructions from the coaches and apply stroke tips from coaches to their swimming.


TYPICAL AGE RANGE: 11-15 years old Silver group will have a focus on the technical aspects of competitive swimming, but will begin to push the endurance training aspects of the sport. Those entering Silver must be able to swim 100 yards of all four strokes legally and with above-average form and technique, plus swim a 200 IM without stopping and with reasonable form. Since this is a high-level group, swimmers must be able to keep up with the high level of training. We expect Silver swimmers to be focused and mature enough to listen to coaches, comprehend advice and apply it with good effort.  


TYPICAL AGE RANGE: 14-18 years old This is our highest level group, and it encompasses all the technical and endurance training aspects designed to allow a swimmer the best chance at a competitive performance. Those entering Gold must be able to swim 200 yards of all four strokes (legally) with excellent form, plus swim a 400 IM without stopping and with reasonable form. While we do not have specific time standards to enter this group, Gold swimmers should be at or near AA level times for multiple events. Swimmers must be able to keep up with the high level of training. Gold swimmers need to have good self-focus and be mature enough to listen to coaches, comprehend advice, and apply it with good effort. While we still incorporate technique training in Gold, a major part of this group is higher levels of aerobic and anaerobic training designed to build endurance and raise a swimmer's competitive ability. 



Swimmers new to the team must attend a New Swimmer Evaluation at the beginning of the season to be placed into a practice group. Both new and returning swimmers may need to be moved around to different practice groups as the season progresses to better suit his/her individual needs. While we encourage parents to stay informed and ask questions about group placement, please know that the coaches have the final say to which group a swimmer is placed. We do not want to hold any swimmers back if they are ready to move to a higher level, and we likewise do not want to advance a swimmer if he/she is not ready for a higher level of training. Sometimes a swimmer is ready "physically" for the next level, but may not be mentally (mature) ready. Conversely, they may be mature enough to handle a higher level but physically are not strong enough to move up.