PEAQ South Hills (Upper Saint Clair, Chartiers Valley, and Canon Mac) SWIMMER REGISTRATION 2019/2020



Welcome to Pittsburgh Elite Aquatics registration page.  We are pleased to offer the ease of electronic payment processing and registration.  The process is simple for both new and returning members.  Returning members will be able to use their existing email login and password.  New users will be required to create an account.  

We are currently registering returning members (including last summer season's USC Wahoos and Scott Sharks) and new members (based on a coach-conducted evaluation).

NEW SWIMMERS that have NOT been directed by a coach as to which training group to join, please click here for a list of coaches to contact depending on which district you reside.  They will schedule a short evaluation in order to direct you to the correct group.

This year, there are two options for Age Group, Junior, and Senior registration.  "Short Course Season Only", which is September - March or "Full Year", which is September - July.  In addition, there are two site registration options.  There is one registration for families that live in either Upper Saint Clair or Canon McMillan school district, and a separate registration for families that live in the Chartiers Valley School District.  You must register for the district in which you live.  ***Developmental/Junior Varsity registrations are separate, have only one season, and are located below the above mentioned regisrtation options***

OUT OF DISTRICT FAMILIES are required to choose the Chartiers Valley site when registering.  There are a few exceptions to this rule:  1. Out of district National Group swimmers, 2. Out of district swimmers who swam at Canon Mac last year, and 3. Families who live in Washington County and would prefer to swim at Canon McMillan HS instead of Chartiers Valley HS.  If you have any questions about which site you are to register, please direct them to Kristin Matheny at

FINANCIAL AID - this season, PEAQ is offering financial aid to those families meeting certain eligibility requirements.  Click here for more information.

Please take time to look at the choices below carefully and click on the correct link!



Register for PEAQ at Upper Saint Clair and Canon Mac sites

Register for PEAQ at Chartiers Valley site


Register for PEAQ at Upper Saint Clair and Canon Mac sites

Register for PEAQ at Chartiers Valley site


DEVELOPMENTAL GROUP (all sites) and JUNIOR VARSITY (CV only): (Oct - Mar)

Register for PEAQ at Upper Saint Clair and Canon Mac sites

Register for PEAQ at Chartiers Valley site