Group Times and Fees

Please note: The monthly payment plan is to make it easier on families to make the payments for the program.  This is not a fee for service.  There are hollidays through the season and practices that are cancelled due to competitions. Payment is not stopped for vacation.  The money owing is for the year.  If your swimmer decides that swimming is not their sport, then one month notice must be given prior to stopping payment. 



This is our entry level program and athletes should be approximately 7 years old. Working towards being IM legal before moving to Juniors. In this group we focus on technique for all four strokes.  We play "games with aims" to make learning fun and keep the attention of the young swimmers. Swimmers will have the opportunity to attend a couple mini meets at the Sechelt pool to experience the excitement of racing with your team mates!  This is a time for athletes to see how they are improving and celebrate their success! 

500 - 1000 meters per practice.

Fees:$950  This can be paid in September in full or in two installments Sept 1/Feb 1.  There is not a discount for joining late. Each transaction has a 3.65% plus 20 cent transaction fee. 

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
Activation: 5:30
Swim: 5:45 - 6:45pm

Cross Trainers/Coach Mentorship-This program has been moved to Tuesday/Thursday before our novice program.  This class is 4:15-5:30 and then Senior CT swimmers are encouraged to stay to help with the novice program at scheduled times if they would like. During this program swimmers will learn the skills necessary to coach learn to swim while providing a fun fitness program.  This experience will help them if they later choose to attend the Swimming Canada Coaching Courses. Swimmers that choose to volunteer with the novice program can earn volunteer credits as required by their school program. You must have completed at least 3 years in competitive swimming to teach in the Novice program. 

Please read below about saturday practices. It is recommended that Cross-trainers choose days during the week as Saturdays may fluctuate due to meets and pool availability. If Saturday is a preference then when practice is not held swimmers can come on the Tuesday or Thursday when it is offered. 

Fees: 1,175 for the year (monthly payment option available) (Transaction fees the same as indicated by the Junior Group) 


Juniors (refer to schedule below)-Saturday practices will be added for Junior swimmers on September 28th.

Fees: $1652 -183.56/mo for the season.  (Monthly option available if joining late)

Fees can be paid in full in September for one transaction fee of 3.65% plus 20 cents.  

Two installment option: one payment at registration and February 1st. 

A monthly payment option is also available. 

All Transactions will have included in the fee 3.65% plus 20c per processing. 

Once swimmers progress into the Junior Group they are IM legal.  This means that they can perform all four strokes without getting disqualified in a race.  All of these rules are discussed and reviewed in the Novice program. Swimmers also are required to swim approximately 1500-2000 meters per practice.  This group has a strong focus on technique and perfecting starts, turns and strokes. Fun with team mates is always the goal!

Monday & Wednesday:
Swim -  5:30pm - 7:00 pm (on deck @ 5:15)
Swim - 4:00 - 5:30 (on deck @ 3:45)


Swim-11:30-1:30 in Gibsons pool. (Sept 8-October27th)

Swim 10:45-12:45 (November 3-Jan 10 22)

Jan 19-March 9 8:15-9:45 

If swimmers would prefer they may choose a Valhalla class in lieu of Saturday am practice. 

Approximate minimum age 8 years. Perfecting IM strokes. Building kick speed and endurance. Learning to train. Racing
skills. Some test sets.

Seniors -$2170 for the season (monthly payment avaialble).  This includes the month of June and Valhalla training.  If paying monthly it is over 9 months. No extra fees will be collected for June training. Transaction fees are the same as Junior. Morning practices are for swimmers that have a 95% attendance and meet the qualifying standard of a 200 IM time under 3:15. Swimmers that wish to commit to 5 or more practices should register in this group. Swimmers in this group are welcome to attend Monday and Wednesday morning practices.

Senior swimmers are into our competitive program with a strong focus on racing. Athletes are consistently working on technique while increasing their meterage and strength training. Senior athletes are competing at sanctioned meets, provincials and further. 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Same as Junior Schedule

Tuesday and Thursday Valhalla training 4-5

Swim - 6:05am - 7:25am (Swimmers need to arrive at the facility in their suits to optimize time in the pool.)


Provincial/Western/CJC-$3000.00 This group is for swimmers that are training to compete at a provincial or national level.  Swimmers are expected to have 95% attendance to remain in this group.  If a swimmer is registered in this group but is unable to make the attendance requirement they will be moved to the senior group and prices will be adjusted.  You must be a provincial qualifier in two or more events for this group.  Tuesday and Thursday morning practices are only for swimmers in this group.  

 Shoreside Cross-training 

If you would like to drop into Valhalla the cost is 15$ per drop in.  If you would like to come on a regular basis it is worth it to sign up for the Junior group.  This also gives you the flexibility to move around in the classes you attend. If you are in the cross training group then two days must be selected and maintained through the season.  Missed classes can not be made up on a day your swimmer is not registered for.  This is to make sure that we have proper pool space and coaching staff. 


Volunteer Fee-Suggested ways to make back money

Because our club is a non-profit organization we are run by a volunteer Board of Directors. We rely strongly on parents participating in the running of our program.  When you register with the Chinook Swim Club, (You will be charged a 200$ volunteer fee which will be credited back to you throughout the season as you participate in our volunteer activities.  Some of the opportunities to volunteer are listed below with their dollar value.  You will not be credited back more than 200$ even if you continue to support the club through your volunteer efforts. 

Purdys- 10$ for every amount over 200$ sold to a maximum amount of outstanding volunteer payment. 

2 x Mini Meet-20$ per mini meet (Timing, food organizer, clean up)

Raffle Ticket-10$ per book

Volunteer at away meets- $40.00 per session (This is an expectation when your swimmers are traveling to other meets to participate as a timer or volunteer in some capacity) 

Fundraiser coordinator-50$ for each event organized up to your 200$ deposit.  You can delegate duties to other members that wish to be part of the fundraising committee.  

Volunteering is a great way to get to know other parents and be a part of our swim family. If your schedule does not allow for this type of commitment then the volunteer fee can be considered part of your registration fees. 


Saturday Practices

Saturday practices will be added for Junior and Senior swimmers in September.  Practices will only be held if the SCRD can provide guards for our training sessions.  If Saturday practice is canceled then Swimmers may attend Valhalla at no additional cost to them Tuesday or Thursday 4-5.