Registration Landing Page

Registration will open for SESSION 2:
WED, July 15 at 8am
 to current and past Sailfish Swimmers
THUR, July 16 at 11am to new to Sailfish Swimmers 

Due to Covid-19 our practices have limited numbers of swimmers allowed (this allows us to social distance and keep the swimmers 6 feet apart) and as a results practices may fill up early!

Session 2 (July 27-Aug 14) Links are Below  (will not be active until Wed, July 15 at 8am) 
Click on the practice time/days below you want and it will bring you to that registration page

Sailfish and USA 1 Practices  
2 practices/week, 1 hour each day
Mon/Wed 5-6pm  10 & under swimmers 
Mon/Wed 6-7pm   11 & older swimmers and USA 1 
Tue/Thur  7:30-8:30am  12 & under swimmers  
Tue/Thur  6-7pm   11 & older swimmers and USA 1  

USA 2 and USA Senior 
3 practices/week
Mon/Wed 7-8:30pm and Fri (either 1-2 or 2-3pm) practices 
Tue/Thur 7-8:30pm and Fri (either 1-2 or 2-3pm) practices