Swim Meets

Swim Meet 101

Common questions families and swimmers have about swim meets, general information, do's & don'ts.

Q: Are swim meets required?

A: Currently, TDST only requires that swimmers participate in the home meet. Looking forward, it is the vision of the TDST Board that more swimmers will compete at more meets, with a goal of each swimmer competing in at least two meets per season.


Q: How do I sign up my swimmer for a meet?

A: Check your email for the invitation to commit to attending the meet. Follow the links in the email or go to the Events page and click "Attend" on the coresponding meet.


Q: Why can't I choose events?

A: Events are chosen at the coach's discretion. Coaches will select swimmers' events based on what the swimmer is working on in practice or goals that the swimmer has discussed with their coach.


Q: How do I know which days to attend a meet?

A: READ THE MEET INFORMATION PACKET CAREFULLY. In every meet packet, you'll find a schedule of events and a plethora of valuable information. Typically, but not exclusively, older (11U) swimmer events and longer range events start on Fridays. Always check the schedule and ask a coach if you're not sure. 


Q: Can I sign up after the meet entry deadline?

A: No.


Q: I signed up for a meet but now can not attend. Do I still have to pay the meet fees?

A: If the meet entry deadline has already passed, Yes, you will be charged for meet fees. If you cancel (speak or email the team Treasurer or coach) before the meet entry deadline, you will not be charged meet fees. Once TDST submits entries to the hosting team, TDST is agreeing to pay that team all associated fees. 


Please do communicate with your swimmer and your swimmer's coach about which events, thus days, are a good fit. Every meet sign-up has a comment box that allows you to send a message directly to the coach regarding that specific meet.

Please do understand that deadlines are final. TDST's goal is to have as many swimmers as possible at every meet but we must honor the hosting team's schedule and deadlines. Set a reminder. Flag the emails. Do whatever you need to, to remember to commit your swimmer.

Please do ask questions! We have all been new to swim meets. The lingo, the scheduling, the travel, can all be overwhelming at first. Don't try to go it alone. Reach out to other parents for help. Read through the meet packets for every meet, even if you don't attend, to get more familiar with the process.

Your swimmers work very hard at practice! Swim meets are the best way to keep swimmers motivated and inspired. Meets give you and your swimmer a chance to see the progress that happens with weeks/months of focused effort. If your swimmer is struggling with goal setting, use the time standard charts on the OSI website or encourage them to talk with their coach and teammates.

The TDST Handbook has a meet packing list on page 22.



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