Code of Conduct

Dickinson Dolphin Swim Team Parent and Swimmer Code of Conduct
Dickinson Dolphin Swim Team (DDST) seeks to provide an environment that best supports its swimmers as they strive to reach their individual goals. DDST encourages personal achievement via healthy competition, but not at the expense of fun. To this end each swimmer must know that their conduct at practices and swim meets affects and should support
every other swimmer’s ability to learn and the coaches’ ability to teach. Membership on the
DDST is a privilege.


A swimmer should:
1. Remember that at practice, during swim meets, and in public, he/she represents the entire Dickinson Dolphin Swim Team. He/she should represent DDST with excellence, team spirit, good sportsmanship and politeness.
2. Be respectful towards all teammates, opponents, officials and parent volunteers.
3. 3. Support all team members regardless of their ability, gender, or age.
4. Attend regular practice sessions as determined by the coach and be on time and have proper equipment.
5. Resolve differences through conversation and compromise. Disputes not successfully resolved verbally should be referred to your coach and the head coach may be consulted as needed.
6. Attend swim meets throughout the season and follow all meet rules.
7. Cheer for team members while they are swimming.
8. Use the trash receptacles in the team area. Help to clean up the team area before leaving at the end of a meet, even if you are not the last to leave.

A swimmer must:
1. Observe and follow the rules
of DDST and those of the host pool during “away” swim meets.
2. Refrain from any conduct that is frightening, harassing, or hurtful to others.
3. Refrain from throwing objects. Any items in the pool area can be dangerous if thrown.
4. Use appropriate language and behavior. Profane or abusive language, obscene gestures demeaning or derogatory comments toward another individual during swim meets or practice will not be tolerated.
5. Be respectful of each other. Intentionally striking another person will subject the swimmer to the most severe discipline.
6. Respect and care for the property of others. Vandalism, intentional damage to property or theft of property will not be tolerated.
7. Not possess or use weapons, alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and/or legal drugs used in a manner inconsistent with the manufacturer’s intended use at any swim team events. Violation of this rule will be grounds for immediate expulsion from swim team for the remainder of the season, with no refund of swim team fees.

Parents must:
1. Check the calendar regularly to be mindful of upcoming meets and when entry forms and fees are due.
2. Be unobtrusive during practices and leave all coaching to the coaching staff.
3. Due to safety, under no circumstance initiate a conversation with a coach during practice or a swim meet.
4. Volunteer during home swim meets or assist with other volunteer opportunities if not available during the meet schedule.

1. The coach will handle behavior contrary to the Code of Conduct during practices in a manner appropriate to the swimmer’s age, the extent of the offense and as outlined in the Code of Conduct.
2. Under no circumstance will the coach, while coaching on deck, engage in a conversation with a parent concerning an individual disciplined during a practice session.
3. If the behavioral infraction jeopardizes the safety of swimmer, or if a swimmer continues to violate the Code of Conduct after repeated and documented attempts to re-educate as to the Code, an immediate and temporary suspension may be imposed.
4. The coach will inform the parent following any 2nd infraction reprimand or, if the coach deems the violation to be of a serious nature, on the 1st infraction. This may be done verbally or in writing. The coach will maintain records of any serious violation or 2nd infraction violations to include the date, incident description, and swimmer’s signature. A copy of this record should be forwarded to a member of the Board of Directors.
5. Violations of the Code of Conduct that occur on the pool deck during a swim meet will be adjudicated by the referee and/or member of the Board of Directors. Under no circumstance will the referee be obligated to delay the meet to discuss the issue with parents. One of the assistant coaches will relay information to parents, but discussion will be postponed until after the conclusion of the swim meet.
6. Parents who violate the Code of Conduct during practice will be asked to leave.

  • 1st infraction- reminding the swimmer of the Code of Conduct and redirection to the desired behavior.
  • 2nd infraction- a period of sitting out.. The specified time of sitting out will be determined by the disciplining coach. The main focus of the coach remains with the group. Should a 2nd infraction occur during a swim meet, while the swimmer is in the clerk of course, the swimmer will be removed from that event. The parent(s) of this swimmer will be promptly notified of the infraction.
  • 3rd infraction- dismissal from practice or swim meet. If a swimmer has been dismissed from practice, they may not leave the pool deck area until the practice session is over and the coach personally speaks with and dismisses the swimmer. Should the disciplined swimmer wish to call his/her parents for immediate pick-up, he/she may do so with permission from the coach. The swimmer must remain on the pool deck until the parent arrives and the coach is notified that the swimmer is now under parental supervision. The discussion of the incident must be postponed until a time that is convenient for the coach.
  • 4th infraction- suspension from the team. In the event of a suspension or expulsion from the team, the Team Representative will be notified as soon as possible, by the coach. A meeting time will then be set with the Representative of the Board of Directors, coach and parent(s) to discuss possible reinstatement to the team or permanent dismissal. The Board of Directors and coaching reserve the right to expel a swimmer for behavioral reasons at their discretion, without refund.


Parents who are dissatisfied with the disciplining of their child have the right to appeal to the board of directors. In such an instance, the parent(s) will notify a board member, who will notify other board members as needed. The decision of the board of directors will be final. Should this committee find ground for the expulsion of any swimmer for the remainder of the season, there will be no refund of swim team fees.

We acknowledge receipt of the Dickinson Dolphin Swim Team Parent and Swimmer Code of Conduct. We have read it and agree to abide by it. 
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This acknowledgement page MUST be signed by all swimmers and their parents or agreed in waiver section of Active registration. It must be on file with the Dickinson Dolphin Swim Team prior to participation in any swim team practices or meets following splash week.