Team Calendar

Our team calendar/schedule uses the Google Calendar platform.

Across the top, left to right:

  • Click on the "Today" button to go directly to today's date and calendar items
  • Click on the right or left arrows to move one day/week/month forward or backward (depending on the view you select)
  • Click on the down dropbox arrow to select a different starting day/week/month (depending on the view you select)
  • Click on the printer "Print" icon to print the current calendar view
  • Click on either the "Week"/"Month"/"Agenda" tab to change how you prefer to view the schedule
  • Click on the calendar down dropbox arrow to display the available calendars (each group has its own separate calendar) - Select or deselect the calendars you do or do not wish to see (only those that are checked will be displayed)

At the bottom right, if you use Google Calendar as your own personal calendar, you can click the "+Google Calendar" button and have the team calendars you wish to see, imported to your personal Google Calendar and then become available for viewing on your own calendar on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. (Consult Google Help for more info on how to configure your personal Google calendar.)

***** Some users are currently experiencing issues with display of our Google Calendar in certain device browsers. We are temporarily adding a hard copy of the schedule until this issue can be resolved.

Please click to the right for a PDF version of this week's schedule - Team Schedule - Week of 06/07/2021